Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ice Kacang - Again!

The second ice kacang I made this month! :)
Looking at Wendy's post HERE, I was reminded that I still have most of the ingredients in the fridge
So I made again :)
Not so much different from the first ice kacang I made actually, with some other ingredients added, no sweet condensed milk and coloured syrup :)
Today was hot, so it's just perfect to enjoy this icy cold dessert :)

This time added red dyed pearl sago and cendol :)
I didn't have enough ice to create a higher pile! :(

So good, so refreshing! :)

 What you need:

unsweetened grass jelly, cubed
cendol, drained
azuki beans (I used store bought)
sago pearls cooked in red dyed water til translucent, rinse with running tap and soak in ice water for awhile
canned cream corn
evaporated milk
dark gula melaka syrup (palm sugar)
crushed ice

Put 1 heaped tbsp of grass jelly, cendol, azuki beans, sago pearls in a bowl. Top up with crushed ice
Drizzle with palm sugar syrup and evaporated milk
Top with 1 tbsp cream corn. Serve immediately

Dark gula Melaka syrup:
50g dark brown sugar + 50g palm sugar (or 100g nipah gula Melaka)
100ml water
1 pandan leaf, shredded

Bring to boil and let simmer til all sugars melted. Strain and let cool
***The syrup was real dark but it didn't make the ice kacang mixture dark enough. Perhaps I should have poured more. But I was worried it would make the dessert too sweet :)


  1. Hi Alice! How did you get your crushed ice? You have the machine at home?

  2. I would love to have some of this cold refreshing ice kacang!

  3. Alice, so colourful and yummy refreshing!

  4. Actually, Kampar version don't contain Attap chee at all



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