Friday, February 18, 2011

Fish Maw Soup

Yesterday was Chap Go Meh and I cooked this dish for dinner, since I still have fish maw left
Recipe is from Peng's Kitchen
This soup is so yummy and when it's almost ready I saw a can of pacific clams standing pretty in my cupboard, I quickly opened it up and added them in this soup :)

What you need (a little modified to suit my taste (and greediness :P)):

50g fish maw - softened
2 stalks spring onion - sliced
3cm ginger - sliced
300g pork ribs
1 chicken breast bone
4 dried oyster - softened
3 slices ginger
around 700g chinese cabbage - cut into big chunks
20pcs chicken mushroom balls
1 can pacific clams - drain water
water, salt

Place ginger and spring onion in a pot of water, bring to boil. Add fish maw, bring to boil
Lower heat, simmer for another 15mins - drain away water
Cut fish maw, set aside
Blanch pork ribs and chicken bone in boiling water, drain away water
Bring to boil  water, chicken bone, pork ribs, ginger, dried oyster sauce
Lower heat, let simmer for 30mins
Add cabbage, simmer for 1 hour
Add balls, fish maw and clams - simmer for another 30mins
Add salt to taste - off heat


  1. Yummy! I regretted I didn't buy the fish maw while at the Denver shop before CNY.

  2. hi Ching, thks for dropping by my blog
    yes it's yummy - thks to Peng :)
    u can cook this dish next year



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