Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chocolate Pudding With Fruits Cocktail Sauce

My mum's recipe - first trial based on verbal explanation without any past hands on experience!
I love this pudding, we all in the family do
But all this while, my mum was the only one who always lovingly prepared this pudding for the whole family

Now when craving strikes and she's not around with me, I picked up the phone, and asked her the details while at the same time jotted down everything in a piece of paper
Hung up the phone, rushed to get the ingredients I didn't have and spent around one hour in the kitchen

This recipe is not as easy as it seems when you read, timing and speed is essential
I was nervously perspiring bullets, but ended up had a big relief sigh - mission accomplished! :P

One ingredient needed to make this pudding is originally from Indonesia, chocolate sweet condensed milk, which is not available in any supermarket in Singapore
So far I only know one shop sells this:
This shop sells all Indonesian stuff, located at Lucky Plaza level 2 or you may order online too

What you need:

1 can of chocolate sweet condensed milk - mix with water to 1000ml
2 packets of white agar agar - mix with 1200ml water
4 egg yolks
2 tbsp mocha emulco
6 heaps tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder - mix with a little water, til form thick liquid

For the sauce:

1 big can Del Monte fruit cocktail with syrup
1 honey pineapple - small cut
5 heaps tbsp white sugar
5 heaps tbsp brown sugar

For the pudding:
In a pot on medium fire, heat up milk mixture
When it's warm (you can see a little smoke coming up), take 8 tbsp of the warm milk and pour to egg yolks, mix well
Pour the egg yolk mixture onto the milk mixture slowly, stir continuously
Bring to boil, then let it simmer
Add in mocha emulco and cocoa powder using strainer onto the milk mixture, stir till well mixed
Off heat
Bring to boil agar agar and water mixture, keep on stirring
Once boiled, pour agar agar mixture onto the milk mixture, stir continuously til well mixed
Pour the mixture immediately to the mould
Let cool, once cooled keep refrigerated

For the sauce:
In a bowl, bring to boil cut pineapple and water also sugar, mix well
Once boiled, let simmer for around 30mins til the pineapple consistency is just right - off heat
( I like it not too soft)
Pour fruit cocktail with the syrup, mix well
Adjust the sweetness if needed
Let cool, once cooled keep refrigerated

How to eat:
Pour over the sauce onto the pudding - yum!!!

It takes lots of love to prepare this pudding, not to mention the mess in the kitchen after that haha...
Last time it was my mum who did that, now it's my turn! :)

I'm submitting this pudding to "Aspiring Bakers #4: Love In The Air! (Feb 2011)", hosted by Cuisine Paradise at this LINK


  1. Em.. interesting dessert. 1st time seeing agar agar with adding of egg :) Would like to try this out soon too. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Hi Ellena,
    Happy Valentine's Day to u too :)
    Yes, this is typical Indonesian pudding, its nice :)

  3. Alice: So it is a must to have that "chocolate sweet condensed milk", can we replaced it with the normal condensed milk and add chocolate emulco?

  4. Hi Ellena, yes my mum said can do that and add chocolate emulco plus more of unsweetened cocoa powder but I never tried before (for the sake of convenience hehe...)

  5. Makasih ya dah mampir k blogku..silakan kalau mau coba vanilla saucenya. Oh ya, aku kmrn bikinnya ditambahin rum dikit jd lbh mantep rasanya..

  6. hi mba lidia, ok ok thks tips nya - aku mau coba bikin tp dah keburu abis nih puddingnya time bikin lagi ama vanilla sauce nya, soon :P



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