Monday, May 4, 2020

Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh (Klepon Ubi Manis)

Made this addictive snack before without the use of sweet potato, recipe is HERE

This time I made the version using sweet potato. Very soft texture. Really yummy. Highly recommended!

Recipe source is from The MeatMen

What you need:

300g steamed mashed sweet potatoes
100g + 5tbsp glutinuous rice flour***
3tbsp water***
100g gula melaka, shaved
150g grated coconut, steamed for about 20mins with salt and pandan leaves


  1. Mix warm sweet potatoes with flour. Add in water and knead until you get the consistency that enables you to roll the dough without any stickiness
  2. Make the dough into 20g balls. Make a dent in each ball and add in shaved gula melaka
  3. Wrap it and seal and roll into ball. Do the same to the rest
  4. Bring a pot of water to a boil over medium heat
  5. At the same time also prepare a plate of steamed grated coconut
  6. Transfer balls into the boiling water. Let cook, stir occasionally
  7. When the balls float, remove from pot and transfer to the plate with grated coconut
  8. Roll until well coated with the coconut

•Don't eat immeditely as the gula melaka filling is still hot
•Can keep a night in the fridge without change in texture. It starts to harden a little on the second night

The amount of water used varies depending on the quality of the sweet potato. Some are drier than the rest. Mine was more to moist type I supposed I could have just added 1 or 2tbsp. But I have added 3tbsp hence the additional 5tbsp of the glutinuous rice flour. You may start with just 1tbsp water first

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