Monday, October 31, 2011

Rice Flour Layered Kueh (Lapis Beras)

There are three types of flour used to make layered kueh with different texture
Sago flour gives a chewy lighter texture, rice flour for more dense and less chewy texture and plain flour for light and steamed cake kind of texture
Of course each type uses not only one type of flour but a mixture of two usually
Long time ago before I started this blog I have tried the plain flour version, this time is the rice flour
DH prefers the sago flour version apparently, so I will definitely try that too next time

Steamed layered kueh is indeed time consuming in the process but at least I still can depend on the timer and do other chores at the same time, unlike baked layered cake (kueh lapis) which requires your 100% continuous observation throughout the whole process, sitting (or standing) in front of the oven (even though I must admit kueh lapis is really worth the effort! ^_^)

Ok, why I decided to make this kueh? Not once I ever had the intention of making this kueh, but I changed my mind after I found out that Abby loves this
It's the first traditional kueh she likes and so far it's still the only one :)
She will slowly eat this kueh peeling layer by layer :)

Colors are chosen by Abby, aren't they the best match ever? :)

Recipe is from NCC

What you need:

100g sago flour
275g rice flour
300g sugar
1 tsp salt
1.5 l coconut milk (900ml Kara +600ml water)
3 pandan leaves, torn
pink food coloring, pandan paste, chocolate paste

Prepare 18x18x8cm square pan, brush lightly with cooking oil, lay a heatproof plastic and brush again with cooking oil
Wrap the steamer cover with clean cloth
Bring to boil coconut milk mixture and pandan leaves while stirring continuously, off heat, let cool
Mix together in a bowl sago flour, rice flour, salt and sugar
Pour in coconut milk gradually while kneading the mixture til forms runny batter (I use balloon whisk)
Divide the batter into three, one mixed with a few drops of pink coloring, another one mixed with a few drops of pandan paste, and the last one mixed with 2 tsp chocolate paste
Put the pan in the steamer, let the steamer hot and start with pouring 100ml of pink batter, steam for 10minutes, followed by 100ml of green batter, steam for 10minutes, the next one is 100ml chocolate batter, steam for 10minutes
Continue til batter finished, the last layer is to steam for 20minutes
I spent 2 hours for the steaming process

I'm submitting this traditional snack to Aspiring Bakers #12 Traditional Kueh hosted by Small Small Baker


  1. Beautiful layered cake! Love the colour combination :)

  2. WOW! This layered kueh lapis is very pretty :) I really love the colours!

  3. wow!! alice, this is really so beautiful, is this something like our local kuih lapis?

  4. hi Doris, Ann...thks :)
    I too love the colors, thks to Abby :)

    hi Lena, thks!
    the local kuih lapis sold in places like Bengawan Solo is usually the type made of mainly sago flour, more chewy than this one that I made :)

  5. Aiiiiiiiih cantiknya lapis Mbak Alice...ditambah warnanya yang menggoda,hmmmmm...aku suka semua jenis kue lapis!

  6. wuihhhh warnanya seger bikin ngiler......
    salam kenal ya mb.

  7. Your layer kuih is so well done with beautiful colours! Wow!

  8. Hesti...makacih...:) cakep ya warnanya, pilihan anak cewekku nih :)

    hi Omah, makasih ya...salam kenal jg :)

    hi Joyce and Wendy, thks alot :)

  9. Hi may I know what is sago flour in chinese? where to purchase? Phoon Huat?
    Thank you for sharing.



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