Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fruity Sicilian Orange Cake

This recipe has been in my to do list for ages - finally I did it :)

It's indeed seriously yummy - moist buttery yet light texture with a hint of orange taste
Recipe is from Jess' site but I used the original flour measurement which is 250g and I used 100ml of freshly squeezed orange juice

I added 7 tbsp of mixed dried fruits which has been soaked in mixture of rum and hot water for approximately 1 hour, strained and squeezed dry and then sprinkle with a little plain flour
I sprinkled on top of the batter before putting in the oven

And I also brushed glaze too on top of the cake after it's cooled
It's 1/3 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice boiled together with 1/3 cup icing sugar til thickened

Definitely a keeper! :)


  1. this is really a nice bake, very nice crumbs!!

  2. Your cakes looks moist and soft. I can see how delicious it is! A slice with a cup of tea would be wonderful!

  3. hi Lena, thks - this is really yummy! :)

    hi Edith, thks :)

    hi Joyce, yes - perfect with a cuppa
    really yummy cake - thks :)



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