Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My First Barbie Cake... Happy Birthday My Girl, Abigail :)

This is a special request from Abby since last July ever since she saw me making car cake for Ian's birthday :)

I don't have the pan designed to bake Barbie dress, so what I did was... I baked two recipes of cocoa butter cake (I didn't give marble effect this time, instead I poured the vanilla butter first and the cocoa batter on top) 
I used three round pans in different sizes - 6", 5" and 3" (in fact I still had some leftovers so I baked another one in 5" pan)

To make the dress...
After cooled,  I made a hole at the centre of each cake (approximately 7cm diameter), stacked the three cakes, 6" at the bottom, topped with the 5" and the last one was the 3" cake, with buttercream frost in between
Using serrated knife, I carved the cake to shape a long dress (just using my imagination)
After done, I frosted the whole cake with buttercream, smoothen it up and kept it in the fridge for around one hour
After that, I frosted the whole cake again, this time a thick one, and I decided to give swirl effect all over the cake (this is much easier to be done on a thick buttercream)
I then inserted the doll which has been wrapped tightly with clingwrap from chest down
I added some frosting to cover the hole around the waist area and do the swirls also
I piped the edge of the dress with star nozzle and put sugar pearls on each star
Also I decorated the dress with sugar stars all over so that it wouldn't look too plain

Now, for the bodice....I initially planned to pipe all over with small star nozzle, then I realized I don't have any wew...
So I decided on fondant, I cut a rectangle shape and wrap all around the top part of the doll
Press here and there to adjust the bodice to get the perfect shape
I added some sugar pearls and hearts to beautify the bodice

That's all, sounds easy but for first timer like me, especially when you know my decorating ability, it's quite a challenge :)

So glad and satisfied to see how thrilled Abby was but couldn't bear to see when it's time to cut the cake hehe...

The happy bday girl in Cinderella costume :P

As usual, I made another cake to bring to school... Also her request, Cinderella cake, since she wore the costume to school :)

With the same cake as Barbie cake, used edible image and simple deco using buttercream
So glad to hear when Abby told me that her classmates said the cake's so yummy :)

Again, happy birthday to you my beloved Abby :) Stay pretty and good girl as always, mummy and daddy are so proud of you and will always love you, as well as you little brother, Ian.. God bless u!


  1. Happy belated birthday Abby! She is lucky to have two cakes on her birthday, the barbie cake looks pro and beautiful. Great job for firt timer.

  2. Happy birthday ya Abby...semoga tambah cantik, tambah pintar, selalu nurut mama papa dan jadi kebanggaan keluarga...

    Senangnya yang ultah dibuatin mama kue cantiiiiikkk...asyiknya yg punya anak perempuan ya...

    Cantik mbak barbienya...suka warna dan dekorasinya. Aku, sampe setua ini belum pernah bikin...hehe

  3. Happy Birthday to Abby! She is cute! And your cakes are both beautiful! It is hard to believe that this is your "first timer"! It looks like the work of an experienced cake decorator! Good job!

  4. Happy birthday baby girl, I loved to make a barbie cake but I really don't know how to do it.

  5. Happy Bday! Beautiful! Very talented! I am following you now! Come visit me! :)

  6. your princess is really sweet!well done on the cake, it looks very impressive! very nice work!

  7. Happy belated birthday to your little princess.

    Both cakes are lovely!

  8. hi Doris, thks alot :)
    yeah, my kids always have 2 cakes..1 to bring to school and 1 at home...for Abby should be the last time she had 2 cakes, cos next yr she'll be in P1 and wont get the chance to blow candles in front of her classmates, i guess :)

    hi Hesti...hehe, makacih ya :)
    duh ini request dah dari Juli, jadi kudu diturutin hihi...
    wah kl Hesti yg bikin mah aku umpetin deh Barbie cake ku, ntar minder :P

    hi Joyce, thks alot :)
    waaa...still far from flawless.. I need to practise more :)

    hi Barbie party invitations, thks for dropping by!
    i learnt from youtube, you can search, they have many :)

    hi Yukari, thk for coming by :)
    thks for your nice comment too...I still need to practise more :)

    hi Lena, Angel... thks so much :)

  9. Your works are amazing , were can get that edible image



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