Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pandan Nagasari

This is not the first time I made nagasari, in fact it's my third time
The first one was HERE

Another unfortunate incident for this one - due to my ignorance
I have used a pan which was too big for my steamer
I could not put it in I had to trasnfer the nicely arranged batter and bananas into another smaller pan
It's impossible to do another nice arrangement after that
In the end I had a messy look nagasari, even though it still tasted as nice wew....

If you see the link above, you can see my previous nagasari was real neat compared with the pic above
Was quite upset since I planned to submit this posting to Aspiring Bakers event this month *sigh*
The recipe is exactly the same, only I added 1 tsp of pandan paste to the batter
Really yummy, with pandan is even better, for me - it's also perfect texture and sweetness'

Oh almost forgot, I couldn't find banana leaves this time, so this batch of pandan nagasari didn't use any
No effect on the taste but it did on the fragrance...


  1. alice, it's not that bad compared to the first one!

  2. hi Lena, thks... lesson learnt to double check everything beforehand hehe...



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