Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tapioca Layered Kueh (Lapis Singkong)

Pretty colors, simply delicious in taste, prefect sweetness and chewiness - really a must try :)

Recipe is from Ricke's site

What you need:

1kg tapioca, finely grated
350ml coconut milk (200ml Kara + 150ml water)
200g sugar
1 pack agar agar powder (white)
1/4 tsp vanillin powder
red food coloring (or you may used cocopandan paste)
green food coloring (I used pandan paste)

100g grated coconut
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanillin powder
a little oil
===> Mix grated coconut, salt and vanillin and steam on high heat for 15minutes, set aside

Grease with oil 18 x18cm square pan, lay heatproof plastic at the bottom, grease again on the plastic, set aside
Squeeze grated tapioca but not too dry, discard the water
In a mixing bowl, stir sugar, agar agar powder, coconut milk, mix well
Add in grated tapioca and vanillin, stir well
Divide batter into three parts, one mixed with 1/2 tsp red color, another one with 1/2 tsp pandan paste
Just leave the other one plain with no color
Pour the green batter into the pan, steam for 20minutes til cooked
Pour the plain batter, steam for another 20minutes til cooked
Pour the red batter, steam for another 30minutes til cooked
Off heat, let the kueh in the pan til completely cooled
Once cooled, take out from the pan and cut with plastic knife
Wrap each piece with the coconut mixture

Please note that colors are subjected to preference, I simply followed the original recipe for its pretty combination, I saw many sold here in Singapore with plain yellow or brown colors :)
I'm submitting this traditional snack to Aspiring Bakers #12 Traditional Kueh hosted by Small Small Baker


  1. This looks good! I love tapioca cakes, it has the special taste like no other! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. it looks tasty! interesting to see agar2 powder here, is it like half agar2 and half kuih texture?

  3. hi Joyce, thks! :)
    Yes, I love tapioca too being an Indonesian :)
    This kuih is real addictive! :)

    hi Lena, indeed it's really delicious :)
    the texture is soft and chewy and not turned hard even when u keep in the fridge :)

  4. 1 pack agar-agar how much is that in weight,
    the kueh looks exciting



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