Saturday, July 18, 2020

Roti Sisir

Nice buttery fragrant soft fluffy, easy to handle dough too :)

Recipe: HERE

What you need:

60ml lukewarm water
2.5tsp instant yeast
2tbsp sugar
***Mix all three ingredients in a glass cup, stir and leave it for about 15mins til foamy (means the yeast is active)

350g bread flour
50g sugar
1tbsp milk powder
1 egg
70ml cold fresh milk
50g butter, room temperature
1tsp salt

Brush mixture:
1tbsp honey
1tbsp butter
1tbsp fresh milk
***Mix all three ingredients well

  1. In a breadmaker pan, add in egg, milk, salt, followed by flour, sugar and milk powder
  2. Lastly add in yeast mixture
  3. Start dough function and let the machine does its job of kneading
  4. After kneading done, let it proof for 15mins and remove from the pan
  5. On a lightly floured surface, place the dough and divide into balls of 35g
  6. Leave it for 10mins, covered with clean damp cloth
  7. Prepare a 22x12x5cm loaf pan, grease and line with baking paper (I used 2pcs of 20x10x7cm loaf pan cos that's what I have LOL)
  8. Take one ball, flatten using a roller, start from middle upwards, and middle downwards, until it reaches the thickness preferred, about 3/4cm
  9. Fold into half circle and seal the ends together. Place in the pan, sealed part down
  10. Do the same to the remaining balls, place them side by side in the pan, not too tight together
  11. Cover with a clean damp cloth and leave to proof for about 45mins til doubled in size 
  12. 20mins into the end of the proofing time, start preheat the oven at 180degC
  13. Brush the top of the dough with fresh milk, and bake for 25mins until golden brown
  14. While it's still hot and still in the pan, brush the top with the brush mixture
  15. Leave it for about 10mins and transfer into a cooling rack

I used some of the dough to make donuts, my kids attacked them at one go, I only managed to get a bite😅

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