Saturday, June 27, 2020

Nasi Bakmoi Ayam

A dish resembles chicken stew, served a little differently

Recipe source: Diah Didi with my own adjustment (more to the quantity to fit 4 people and 2 meal times)

What you need:

500g chicken breast, boiled and diced
1 taukwa, dice and deep fry until golden brown
some hard boiled eggs, peeled
5 cloves of garlic, peel
5 shallots, peel
1/4tsp pepper
4tbsp dark sweet soy sauce
1tsp salt
1/2tsp chicken stock powder
500ml water (I used the water used to boil the chicken, strained)
a little oil

For the prawn balls:
200g deshelled prawns
100g plain flour
2tbsp tapioca starch
2tsp salt
1/4tsp pepper
1/2tsp sugar
oil to deep fry

For the soup:
1litre water
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and bruised
2cm old ginger, peeled and bruised
2stalks spring onion, tie a knot
1/2tsp chicken stock powder
2tsp salt
a few dashes of pepper
a little oil

fried onion
chopped spring onion
sambal belachan / dark sweet soy sauce mixed with cut chili padi

  1. To make the soup: put a little oil in a heavy based pot, fry garlic until fragrant and slightly browned. Add in water, ginger, spring onion. Let it boil. Add in chicken stock powder, salt and pepper. Let boil for a few mins and off fire
  2. To make the chicken stew: blend garlic, shallots and pepper until forming a paste. Sautee on a wok until fragrant. Add in chicken, tofu, eggs, and water. Add in dark sweet soy sauce. Stir well and let it boil over medium fire. After boiling, add in salt, chicken stock powder and let it simmer over small fire for about 20mins. Check the taste and off fire
  3. To make the prawn balls: blend together prawns, both flours, eggs, salt, pepper, sugar until smooth. Heat some oil in a pot, scoop a little of the paste and drop it into the pot. Deep fry until golden brown
  4. To serve: in a plate / bowl, scoop rice, add in chicken stew with tofu and eggs and some of the gravy, pour some soup, sprinkle with fried onion and chopped spring onion. Place some prawn balls too. Best to consume while it's warm. Eat with sambal of your choice

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