Sunday, January 13, 2013

THB #13 - Dark Chocolate Almond Cake (Happy Call)

Two years is fast! LBT turned two on Friday, hence the challenge for this month, any bake for celebration :)
So I chose to bake this yummy chocolate cake, decorated with sugar cookies which happened to be requested by Ian :)

I baked this yummy chocolaty cake in conjunction with the 13th bake for The Home Bakers, a recipe chosen by Jocelyn from Riceball Eats, from the book  "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas
This time I baked using Happy Call pan and I was satisfied with the outcome
Soft and chocolaty, tasty too. A bit crumbly, perhaps cos I overbaked it a little
Very similar to brownies, but not the fudgy type
Very well received by my family, including the kids :)

I had only chopped almonds which I blended briefly, so I still could taste a little crunch from the almond bits :)
I used bittersweet chocolate and strong brewed coffee. I guess the coffee was a bit too strong I felt the cake was not sweet enough. Since I love the slight coffee taste in the cake, I would still use the same kind of brewed coffee and used semi sweet chocolate instead to get the right sweetness to my liking

Here for presentation I sliced the cake to bite size small squares
It's surprisingly pleasant to munch the cake together with the cookie :)

Please view Jocelyn's site to view the full recipe for the chocolate cake
As for the sugar cookies, I used the same recipe I made before from Rima

So glad I finally managed to find time to participate in The Home Bakers event this time, after I missed out the previous bake :)
This event is hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours
Please visit HERE if you're interested in joining the fun :)

And to LBT, happy 2nd birthday! So glad to be able to share baking experiences together with the ever growing number of members, many turn to best friends :)
Many more years to come. Cheers!


  1. Hi Alice,
    Your cake looks so chocolaty and moist! A beautiful way of presenting LBT's 2nd birthday! Looks very pretty! My family really enjoyed this cake too, it was all finished rather quick!
    Glad that you could join us this time round! :)
    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Hi Alice, thanks for sharing this recipe, i have always wanted to try using my hcp to bake a cake, will try this out. Thanks

  3. MBak Alice, cantiik cakenya dan kelihatan moist banget...bookmarked!! Selamat Ultah buat LBT :)

  4. Fabulous results with your HCP! Love this bake of yours!

  5. Hi Alice, wow using the HCP! That is great. I have heard that it bakes well though a little more time consuming. And I love that you cut it into small little bite size.

  6. Alice, the presentation looks so nice. I never bake with my HCP. I scared I will burn the cake.

  7. Alice, what a beautiful birthday presentation! Oh, you can bake using HCP? Amazing!

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  9. Hi Alice, love your cake, look so cute and so nicely presented. It sure look delicious too. YUMMY!

    Have a great week ahead.

  10. Hi Alice,

    You are so clever using HCP to bake your almond cake. Fabulous result! I'm guessing that the tough HCP protect the cake from drying out.

    Happy 2nd birthday to LBT!


  11. Alice, it's so pretty the way you plate your cake pieces into squares. What a brilliant idea!! I never thought of that. Also, happy happy birthday to LBT!! :)



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