Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Apple Stuffed French Toast (Martha Stewart)

My weekdays breakfast can be very boring. Due to the morning rush to prepare the kids to go to school, I don't have the luxury of time for breakfast preparation
Everytime is just the simple same kind, very limited variety
Moreover, my weekdays breakfast is very lonely, only me myself, since the kids and DH always leave house very early
So to me, weekends breakfast has to be more special. It's the only time we can have it together

I have a long list of breakfast ideas, but many times lazing around on bed a little longer than usual on weekends attracts me more LOL
Our special breakfast ends up is just pancakes from premix or simple french toast hehehe...
Perhaps I should make this as one of my New Year's resolution to make our weekends breakfast even more special than our special last year :P

I kickstarted my this resolution with this sweet baby...

I drooled the first time I saw Martha demonstrated how to make this delicious breakfast together with her mum
Finally I made it, and my, this really made my tongue danced in joy!
Look at how moist it is!

The day before, I baked my favorite brioche recipe and used it the next morning for this french toast

Recipe is from Martha Stewart's video HERE and HERE
Original recipe used pear, I used US fuji apples instead

What you need:

brioche, sliced ( my brioche was so soft it's quite difficult to get thin slices, hence my thick french toast LOL)

any apple of your choice (I used 4 of the sweet US fuji apples)
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tbsp sugar

6 eggs
zest of a lemon and an orange
juice from half an orange
juice from 1/4 lemon
about more than 1 cup of fresh milk
a big pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup pear brandy (I used 1/8 cup dark rhum)

enough butter for frying

  1. Heat pan and add in butter, let it melt
  2. Add in apple and sugar and let simmer while stirring occasionally til apples turn soft and juicy. Set aside
  3. In a large wide bowl, mix eggs and milk, whisk with fork til well mixed
  4. Add in zests, juices, salt and sugar, mix well
  5. Add in rhum, whisk til well incorporated
  6. Dip brioche and quickly lay it on a wide plate
  7. Arrange apples on top, dip another brioche and put it on top of the apples
  8. Put it on a buttered pan over medium low fire and let the bottom browned
  9. Flip to the other side and let it browned too
  10. Serve warm with icing sugar and maple syrup

Oh, don't forget a cup of hot coffee, a big cup :)


  1. hi, you have a nice n yummy blog...

  2. looks really good, I wish to have it for breakfast too.

  3. Looks very nice! I would love this for breakfast...

  4. Oh my goodness, Alice! That is a decadent breakfast. Made me go "whohohoh!!" and I only just had lunch :) Must try it one of these weekends.

  5. I love thick french toasts, these look perfect to me:)

  6. I like your New Year's resolution of making special breakfast for family. I can't wait to see all your ideas and recipes.

  7. What a lovely yummy breakfast! It would be nice if I woke up to this! All nice and ready for me! LOL! Yeah, weekends is the only time I got to laze around, for me it is Sunday, as my daughter has school on Sat too, and got to wake up very early!

  8. Now THAT'S what i call a REAL breakfast! What a treat, reminds me of those aussie cafes where i used to go for lazy weekend brunches :) ok, bookmarked to try.

  9. Hi Alice, with this lovely breakfast, you aren't lazy all. But it's worth the effort cos' the family gets to sit and enjoy it together without rushing...

  10. hi alice, my usual breakfast is also very nice if someone were to make this for me for breakfast..:) have a lovely weekend! so another nice breakfast again this weekend?

  11. aiiiiiiiih ngiler berat ama breakfastnya mbak Alice. Bener bener bikin lapeer!!

  12. o my...this apple stuffed toast looks out of this world delicious!

  13. Hi Alich, wow.... your french toast look superblicious. It's like to die for....

    Best regards.

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