Monday, April 9, 2012

Gateau Africain 4 Mum's Birthday

Yesterday was my mum's birthday
I decided to bake one of her favorite cake, which I love too, Gateau Africain
It's a 3 layered soft chocolate sponge cake with creamy vanilla custard with a hint of rhum in between, really yummy!
My mum used to bake this cake for the family, now is my turn to bake for her :)

So here it is, with a simple decoration (you know I only can do simple deco right? LOL)
We had just a simple gathering last night, sang happy birthday, candle blowing and cake cutting :)

In case anybody wondering what is the meaning of the word OMA shown in the picture below...Oma is what many Indonesians call our grandmother, it's more to those influenced by Dutch background. My kids call my mum Oma, too so they requested to put the word on the cake :)


The cake was quite a huge one, so after the cake cooled, I halved and made it into a rectangle cake 10x20cm frosted by dark chocolate ganache and decorated the sides with Loacker dark chocolate wafers, tried to beautify the cake a little more with some little fondant decorations on top and wrapped the cake around with red ribbon :)


Somehow after I kept the decorated cake in the fridge for a few hours, the wafers were a little curled wew....


And the picture below were taken the next morning...
What you need:
(recipe is from my mum except the chocolate ganache is from Melly's site)
For the cake:
15 egg yolks
8 egg whites
160g fine sugar
175g cake flour
50g cocoa powder
100g butter, melted
  1. Preheat oven to 180degC
  2. Grease 22cm square pan and line with parchment paper and grease on top of the paper, set aside
  3. Beat on high speed eggs and sugar til it expands to doubled in size (mine tripled quite fast!)
  4. Add in sifted flour and cocoa on low speed
  5. Take 1/3 of the batter and mix with melted butter, pour back to the remaining batter and fold in gently til well mixed
  6. Pour batter into the pan and bake for approximately 30minutes or when the skewer comes out clean
  7. Remove from oven, wait for 5minutes before turning the cake to cooling rack
  8. Let cool completely
For the custard:
500ml fresh milk
100g fine sugar
50g plain flour
10g corn flour
2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp butter
enough rhum
  1. Boil milk and sugar til sugar dissolved, until milk starts to bubble - stir continuously, off heat
  2. When it turns lukewarm, add in flour mixture and vanilla, mix well
  3. Add in egg yolks one by one slowly, and start to cook again medium low heat, keep stirring til thickened
  4. Add in butter and rhum, mix well and off heat
  5. Store in a container and let cool in the fridge
For the chocolate ganache:
250g dark chocolate, cut small
250ml whipping cream
40g unsalted butter
  1. Heat whipping cream in a pot over low heat til smooth and warm
  2. Add in chocolate and butter, mix well til all dissolved completely, off heat
  3. Keep stirring til smooth and thickened, let cool
  4. Store in a container and keep in the fridge
To assemble:
  1. After the cake is cool, keep in the fridge for a few hours (I kept it overnight) wrapped in clingwrap
  2. Take out from the fridge and cut into 3 parts
  3. Put one part on the cake base, spread with custard on top, top with the second part, spread another layer of custard on top, and then top with the third part
  4. Spread chocolate ganache all over the cake, make sure it's smooth at the top, the sides doesn't have to be so neat, cos it'll be covered with wafers
  5. Arrange wafers around the sides of the cake, and tie around with pretty ribbon
  6. Decorate the top of the cake as per you like
  7. I just made some shapes using my leftover fondant with cookie cutters
This is another all time favorite in my family and apparently very well known among Indonesians. If you google the name of this cake, those links appear are mostly from Indonesian bakers and/or bloggers
But I did see the recipe in All Recipes site too :)
So glad that mum enjoyed this cake as much as I do
Happy birthday to you mum, we all always love you *hugs and kisses*


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mum. This 3 layers cake look very yummy and I love your decoration using chocolate wafers to line the sides of the cake.

    1. hi Ann, thks :) thks for the bday wish too :)
      this cake is indeed really yummy :)

  2. love the fact that you're the one baking it for your mom now :) happy birthday to her!

  3. Hello alice..Cake is truely fabulous and perfectly baked and decorated... I liked your blog..Happy to follow you dear.Do visit my blog in your free time.

    1. thks Pranjali for visiting and following me, also for your kind comment
      isn't it great how we bloggers learn each other? :)
      great blog you have :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! The cake is beautiful and looks delicious! :o)

    1. thks Joyce :)
      the cake is really yummy u must try :P

  5. Can i have a big piece of this cake please :D.... Did you make the fondant on top??

    1. hi Kaileena, hehe...sorry its all gone now :P
      my kids shaped the fondant for fun, the fondant itself was store bought one :P

  6. your mum must be so pleased and happy that you baked this for her thinking of those days that she made you the cakes. It's very pretty and neat!

  7. Happy birthday to your mom! That's a lot of egg yolks for the cake! But I'm sure it's worth it because the layers look very pretty and the cake looks super delicious!

    1. thks Jasline :)
      it is really delicious, once a year treat is fine LOL :P

  8. waah! Kelihatannya enak sekali! Mama mu pasti suka deh! Thanks for your submission Alice! :D



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