Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bake Along #13 - Key Lime Cupcakes

Never heard nor ate this kind of cupcakes, curiousity won me over and there I was in the kitchen yesterday trying out the recipe

Yummy, sweet, tangy, soft, moist cupcakes, topped with all time favorite cream cheese frosting...that's what I like! :)

Recipe is from HERE
I followed exactly except that I reduced the amount of sugar for the cupcakes to 1 cup and added the lime juice to 3 tablespoons, also I reduced the green coloring to only 2 tiny drops
As for the frosting, I reduced the sugar to only 60g, omitted vanilla extract and the grated lime peel, replaced them with 1 tsp lime juice

I indeed enjoyed sinking my teeth into these delicious treat...see my teeth mark? LOL

I'm submitting these cupcakes to  Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes (November 2011) hosted by Min

And also for the third time, Í'm joining in the Bake Along event hosted by Lena, Zoe and hop to their blogs to view their pretty cupcakes too! :)


  1. Hi Alice, Glad that you could join us! Your cupcake is very pretty! I love the lime wedges on the frosting! Yes, this is indeed a moist cupcake! Do join us again with "Pancakes and Crepes". Have a lovely day!

  2. yes, i can see your teeeeethmarks there! LOL!! that's a very pretty swirl frosting with the piece of lime there, giving me the lime effect. Really glad to have you joining us again and thanks for mentioning us too!

  3. I saw your teethmarks and started licking my lips. Your picture says it all :-)

  4. The key lime cupcakes look so divine. Love the frosting swirl.

    I'm glad that I bumped into your blog via your Bake Along friends. Hope to see more recipe from you. Cheers.

  5. Your cupcakes look so moist and delicious!

  6. Hi Alice, Nice to have you joining our bake-along. Your last picture does illustrate well how yummy your cupcakes are! Having pieces of lime on the cupcakes does give your cupcakes lots of extra look and personality! :D

  7. love how you decorate your cupcake, beautiful!

  8. hi Joyce, thks !looking fwd to the next event :)

    hi Lena hahaha... thks :) so happy can join in the fun and learning to bake new thing :)

    hi The Experimental Cook, thks 4 dropping by and your nice comment :)

    hi Victor, thks for dropping by my blog and your kind comment :)

    hi Jasline, indeed! thks for visiting my blog :)

    hi Zoe, thks :) really glad can join in the fun :)

  9. hi Sonia, thks! i love yours too :)

  10. Thank you i have just made these Lime cupcakes they are great i will be making them again soon.



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