Tuesday, May 24, 2011

($20 Budget Meal) Steamed Stuffed Tofu, Scrambled Eggs With Sausages, Stir Fry Enoki Mushroom With Greens

What happened to blogger today???

Everything is fine EXCEPT that I can't reply all comments in my own postings - even til now!
After I typed my reply, it's always back to the instruction for me to sign in, and after I did follow - I signed in again, it's shown my reply as from anonymous instead of my name, and when I wanted to post it anyway, it's back to the instruction for me to sign in again...that vicious circle again and again with no solution - the point is I can't post comment in my own blog *SIGH*
But other things like commenting other blogs, creating new post, editing post, etc...all are fine!
Anybody experiencing the same as me??? It's so frustrating! HELP!!!!!!

Anyway, for today's cooking, I have this great dish combo I'd like to share....

                                            Steamed stuffed tofu

Scrambled eggs with sausages

Stir fry enoki mushroom with greens

Recipe for the above dishes can be viewed here:

Steamed stuffed tofu = HERE
Scrambled eggs with sausages = HERE
Stir fry enoki mushroom with greens = HERE


Steamed tofu:
* 1 box silken tofu = 90cents
* 15 medium prawns = $3
* 1/2 medium chicken breast = $1
* others approximately $2
Total = $6.90

Scrambled eggs:
* 4 frozen sausages = $1
* 4 eggs = $1
* others approx 50cents
Total = $2.50

Stir fry mushroom:
* 1 pack xiao ba chai = 90cents
* 2 packs enoki mushrooms = $1.80
* others approximately 50cents
Total = $3.20

Total amount for the 3 dishes = $12.60
(for family of 4)

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