Monday, September 3, 2012

THB #8 - Sun Dried Tomato Pistachio Cornmeal Cake

This is the 8th bake for THB organized by Joyce and chosen by Yvette
Please hop over to her site for full recipe

A cake I almost decided not to bake, I never bake a savoury cake before
But I changed my mind when I read THB site - the Q&A part, many good reviews
I was curious how the taste like so I made half recipe
And, I was delighted I decided to bake this cake, it's delicious!
This is not cake to me, this is bread!
It's really like eating bread, not those soft fluffy type of bread, it's soft and a little chewy, cheesy, nutty, tangy, all combined perfectly
Unfortunately, I'm the only one in the family who enjoys eating this cake, besides my sister
Kids didn't get to try this cake yet as I'm writing this post now, we shall see tomorrow
I'll lightly toast it and let them try, I think my boy who loves savoury snack will like it, not sure about my girl
DH didn't really like it. He said, taste like 'angmoh' bread with weird taste and texture LOL
It's quite funny to find out he didn't enjoy it, cos he usually loves eating 'angmoh' bread with cream soup
But yes, usually he would choose those plain simpe kind like plain baguette
Perhaps this one is a little too much for him :)

If you see the pics below, the cupcakes looked darker in color than it's supposed to be
That is because....of my carelessness....again! *sigh*
So, I used the oven yesterday to grill something just using top heat, and I didn't change back to top+bottom heat
And today, I preheated it without checking, so in the end I baked these cupcakes using only top heat!
I wasn't aware of it until 10 minutes later I smelled something burning then in a second I remembered everything
I ran to the oven to see the blacky top of the cupcakes, I was like oh noooo...
I quickly took out everything from the oven, switching to top+bottom heat and while waiting for the oven to be ready, I tried my best to cut all the burnt parts on top
Even though I couldn't clear 100%, but they looked much better
All the pistachios and cheese on top were gone, so I sprinkled more cheddar cheese on top
I realized they were cooked already, so I only baked them for around 5 minutes to let the cheese melted and set
So lucky I still could enjoy them in the end phew....
I think I overbaked them a little cos of the incident, luckily I still could enjoy them soft in the inside and crispy on the outside :)

I baked half recipe using muffin pan and I got 7 cupcakes
I used cornmeal instead of polenta, but used sun dried tomatoes with the amount of one recipe, and i used Greek style yoghurt instead of low fat plain type
I mixed the cake with parmesan cheese, but sprinkled the top with cheddar
I used sun dried tomatoes in oil, so I omit the hot water, and added 1 tbsp of oil from the tomatoes
Oh and I chopped the pistachios, I shouldn't have done that if I wanted to taste the nuts in the cake even more

I guess this is an 'either you love it or hate it' kind of cake
I decided to give it a try and I love it

I baked them this afternoon and now only 2 left
I still have some sun dried tomatoes, enough for another round, should I bake another batch? Tempted.. tempted :)


  1. Looks good Alice, especially the one with loads of cheese!

  2. A great idea to bake in cupcakes style! Burnt at the tops? Oops...but am glad that these turned out OK in the end! Maybe your hubby would prefer to eat this with some mushroom soup. But then, this bread is really kinda getting used to, and you are right, either you like savoury bakes or you don't! I hope your son love it toasted, I really did, quite addictive when toasted!
    Have a great week, Alice!

    1. hi Joyce, i always try to bake in smaller portions so can cut down in baking time LOL
      unfortunately my kids dont like it, so its really only me and my sis who ate them :)

  3. Looks FAB! yes yes bake it a 2nd time! I too have dried tomatoes in oil and cornmeal left over!!

    ps: 2nd time trying to leave a comment here, hope blogger allows it!

    1. hi Emily, yes the allow :)
      haha u make me want to bake this one more time :)

  4. just baked mine. I should have added in some oil from the sundried tomatoes too after reading yours now, didnt look like they have burnt :D

    1. hi Lena, thks :)
      now i know that i love sun dried tomatoes :)

  5. My family and I have a "funny" feeling with these cakes too. We don't really like them but don't really hate them. And the most funny thing is the cakes were gone with no wastage.

    I wouldn't be baking them again now but might bake them again in the future.

    1. hi Zoe, thks :) i also need to think again if want to bake this cake again, since i'm the only one eating it :)

  6. Eileen, Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 7, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    What a ' either you like it or hate it ' ! I don't think my family will like it: ) will give a miss for this one.. but I must say that yours look good and tempting.



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