Sunday, September 9, 2012

Encore: Sugar Cookies

Did this again with the kids
Some improvement in the decorating compared to the first batch we made, you may view HERE, but we still aim at better results :)
Recipe is from HERE

We made happy faces, bears, flowers, butterflies, pinguins, airplanes, cars
A little better, isn't it? LOL

The most important thing is, we had so much fun and these cookies are yummy, as always :)


  1. It looks so much fun. I bet all kids love doing this.

  2. So cute! My son has been asking me for weeks to make cookies with him, but our first attempt was a disaster coz the biscuits turned out hard and dry...dunno why. So i hv been delaying it..might just try again with your recipe :)

    1. hi Esther, this recipe makes really yummy cookies, do give this a try, hope u like it :)

  3. so pretty and cute..great for kids party.



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