Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate Orange Layered Cotton Cake

Been seeing some bloggers did cotton cake - mostly are pandan
Looking at the name, I guess no need to ask about the texture - definitely as soft as cotton - so eager to try
At the same time, LBT challenge for this month is coicidentally also cotton cake - great timing :)

Was thinking to do pandan cotton cakes, but then I preferred something else which my kids will love to eat - they don't really fancy pandan - yeah, hopefully not yet, cos their mummy is a big fan of pandan *grin*

Looking around for recipes, I stumbled on Ike's site, she has 2 recipes which I loved to try both, so decided to do layered type, one is chocolate (of course) and the other one is orange - since I have many oranges in the fridge for now

So, here it is..

Look at the texture - soft & moist, melt in the mouth, before you know it you eat more than what you're supposed to hehehe...

What you need:

(For the orange cake)
7 egg whites
110g sugar
7 egg yolks
2 eggs
65g milk
25g juice of an orange
25g whipped cream
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
90g cake flour
90g butter
1/2 tbsp orange paste

Preheat oven to 170degC
Grease a square pan with butter, lay parchment paper on top, lightly grease at the top one more time with butter (I used 24x24x5cm)
Wrap the outer part of the pan bottom half with heavy duty aluminium foil to make it water proof
Beat A on high speed til soft peak
For B = heat up milk, orange juice and whipped cream (do not boil), add in eggs, vanilla, stir well with balloon whisk - set aside (keep it warm)
For C = melt butter, add in flour, stir til form paste
Mix B and C, stir well, add egg whites mixture bit by bit (folding in)
Add in orange paste, fold in slowly
Pour the batter in the pan, steambake for 35minutes approximately

(For chocolate cake)

60g butter
50g cake flour
15g cocoa powder
75g fresh milk
5 egg yolk
120g sugar
5 egg whites
3g cream of tartar

Preheat oven to 170degC
Lay a square pan with parchment paper (I used 20x20x4cm)
Melt butter, off heat, add in flour and cocoa powder, mix well
Heat up milk ( do not boil), pour in the egg yolks, mix well, add in the butter mixture, mix well
Beat egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar til soft peak
Mix a little bit of the egg whites mixture into the butter & milk mixture, mix well
Pour in the remaining egg whites mixture, fold in slowly til well mixed
Pour the batter into the pan, bake for 20minutes

For the filling:
whipped cream -> I beat with mixer til stiff
cut canned oranges and some whole canned oranges
some chocolate chips for deco

After the cakes are cooled, cut into smaller square shapes and place the bottom chocolate layer on the serving plate, put a spoonful of whipped cream and top it with cut oranges, top it up with another layer of the orange cake, do the same for the whipped cream and the oranges, top it up with another chocolate layer on top, put a spoonful of whipped cream on top and arrange whole oranges and chocolate chips as desired

*This cake is pretty fragile, so please handle with care
*Also make sure the whipped cream is stiff enough so can hold the oranges and the cakes well
*After finish baking, do not take out the cake immediately - just leave the oven door ajar for 20minutes or so - to avoid sudden shrinking of the cake cos of change of temperature
*This cake is very fast to prepare, everything has to be done at the same time, since heated items have to remain warm and whipped egg whites cant wait - so please prepare everything before start the process

This cake is really worth trying - easy to eat, suitable for all ages :)


  1. Beautiful layer cake! You did the right thing by combining orange & chocolate :)

  2. Lovely combination and the way you had them display looks really beautiful !

  3. yes, looks really soft! nice presentation too!

  4. hi Angel, thks - yes, it's indeed so cottony :)

    hi Doris - thks :) yes choco orange is great combo :)

    hi Joyce, thks alot - this cake is pretty fragile, lucky it can stand tall hehe...

    hi Lena, thks :) its really soft :)



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