Sunday, October 10, 2010

Japanese Salted Grilled Fish

Bought a fat red snapper and decided to grill it

I always love fish - so does hubby, but unfortunately my kids don't
Only those crispy deep fried, also if marinated in teriyaki sauce

Recently I realized partly its my own fault, i didn't cultivate the habit of eating fish for them when they're younger
I mean, yes I put cod fish, salmon and threadfin in their porridge when they're still babies and still didn't know the art of complaining
But when they started checking whats inside their meal plate, I have been too nice to give them only what they like, not what they're supposed to eat

Well, for the past one month I have been trying to include fish in their meal schedule, once or twice a week
Hope I still have chance to change their palate and appreciate fish a little more - keep on trying, never give up, anything for my kids' well being :)

Anyway, back to the subject about this dish...
I have to admit, I'm a total failure in grilling fish - dunno how to avoid getting the fish burnt and having it stuck on the pan sigh....
You see the pic below...thats shown the better side if the fish, the other side at the bottom - nude skinless (not) sexy fish aaarrgghhh....
But the good news is, it tasted yum! The firm flesh of the snapper goes so well with the marinade - salty with a hint of tanginess - perfect! :)

What you need:

1 red snapper, cleaned, cut open the cavities
1/2 lemon, cut into 4 slices
approx. 5cm old ginger
1 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp Japanese soya sauce

Rinse fish and pat dry with paper towel
Place lemon slices inside the fish cavities
Finely grate ginger - squeeze out the juice using hand and discard the dry pulp
Combine ginger juice, mirin and soya sauce
Lightly brush some of the mixture over the fish and sprinkle the sides of the fish with about 1/4tbsp salt
Sprinkle a thicker coating of salt on the fins and tails (to prevent them from burning)
Put it on the grill pan, cook til golden brown on both sides
When grilled halfway, can pour the remaining of the marinade sauce over the fish


  1. Alice, salam kenal juga. Resepnya yummy

  2. hi mbak retno...hehe..thks ya, mencoba2 trus nih, masih amatir :P
    thks dah visit ya :)



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