Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesian Style Chicken Porridge

Abby was down with throat infection last week, high fever, slight cough and runny nose, haizzz...
Her appetite wasn't good at all, so I decided to cook something easy to swallow
What else if it's not porridge?
Being selfish and want to entertain my own craving for Indonesian food, I decided to cook this porridge :P

What you need:

For the porridge:
2 cups rice
1 chicken breast bone
a little salt, water

For the topping:
shredded steamed chicken breast (original recipe is fried, but it's a little too tough for my kids so i opt to steam instead - it's healthier too!)
chopped spring onion
dong chye (preserved salted vegetables) - washed and drained
fried onion
yu tiao - toast for 2mins and cut
small prawn / onion crackers
a dash of light soya sauce and sesame oil

For the chilli:
big red chillies, boil for a few minutes, chopped after boiled
salt, sugar

Cook the ingredients for porridge altogether til the consistency desired - keep stirring to avoid burning at the bottom of the pot
I do not make it so thick cos it'll thicken when cooled

Place porridge in a serving bowl
Put shredded chicken, dong chye, fried onion, spring onion, yu tiao, crackers
Additional light soya sauce and sesame oil is recommended for best flavour

For the chillies: mix all ingredients in the food processor and pulse

- Some people in Indonesia loves to add raw eggs at the bottom of the bowl before adding the porridge in 

For my kids, I only use the shredded chicken, yu tiao, crackers and spring onion - well I skipped the crackers for Abby cos of her throat condition, and she still loved this porridge :)
Ian really loved yutiao, he had his spoon on one hand and yu tiao on his other hand :P

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