Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chocolate Coconut & Yuzu Fantasy Pudding

Pudding is one easy dessert to make liked by all, especially with kids
But for this pudding with a twist, it's different story. Not the most difficult challenge I ever encountered, but it's can be quite tricky too, more steps to do and timing is crucial here
A challenge by IG baking group homemadelovers, this pudding is nice and refreshing, you can choose any flavour you prefer
For me, I used chocolate and yuzu. Not common combination, but it actually worked :)

To make this pudding, you need to have 2 similar moulds, and then the first thing to do was to make  the "coconut" for the filling in the yuzu pudding. Followed by making both chocolate and yuzu pudding

What you need:
(with modification)

For the "coconut":
250ml light coconut milk
100ml fresh milk
100g sugar
15g plain / coconut Nutrijell (can replace with plain Konyaku jelly)

For chocolate pudding:
1150ml chocolate milk
10g plain agar agar powder
7g chocolate Nutrijell (can replace with plain Konyaku jelly)
150g sugar
1 tsp chocolate paste

For layered pudding:
Yuzu layer:
600ml yuzu juice
7g orange / lemon Nutrijell (can replace with plain Konyaku jelly)
7g plain agar agar powder
70g sugar
Coconut layer:
7g plain agar agar powder
500ml coconut water
100g sugar

For the glue:
7g plain agar agar powder
50g sugar
350ml water


To make "coconut"
  • Bring to boil all ingredients in a pot, keep stirring. Pour into one of the mould, let cool
  • When it's completely cooled, using either a spoon or fork, dredge the jelly into long strips resembling coconut flesh. You may grate it too. Keep aside (The taste is really like real coconut flesh!)
To make chocolate pudding
  • Bring to boil all ingredients, keep stirring and pour into the mould. Leave it to cool and set

To make layered yuzu pudding
(done in 2 separate pots together)
  • Bring to boil all ingredients, keep stirring. After boiled, keep the fire on at the very lowest
  • Get ready the other mould
  • Scoop 3 ladles of yuzu layer into the mould, leave it until it's half set (check by touching the surface lightly, you should feel a layer formed)
  • Now scoop 2 ladles of plain layer over the half set yuzu layer, and then sprinkle the coconut flesh and leave it until half set
  • Repeat until all both pudding used up and the height of the pudding is about the same as the chocolate pudding
  • (do not forget to off the fire used to warm up both pots!)
  • Leave it to cool and set

How to assemble:
  • Cut the chocolate pudding and layered yuzu pudding in the same manner
  • Place them alternately until it looks something like this:

  • Now cook all of the "glue" ingredients. Once boiled, gently pour bit by bit over the pudding. Slightly open the gaps in between to make sure they're glued well. Leave to cool
  • Take note of the different height of the pudding. I used small knife to level everything once it's cooled completely
  • Unmould the pudding and you're done! :)

Pretty, huh? :)

See the "coconut"? :)

This is not only pleasant to the eyes, it's yummy too :)

The modification I did, besides the flavour I chose, it's also the amount of jelly and agar agar powder used to suit my liking (I do not like it to be too firm)
As a result, it's more challenging to assemble as it's softer than it should be
Tough, but no regret :)
Will I make this kind of pudding again? Maybe. When I have the mood and the time :)

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