Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nutella Huat Kueh

A very simple to make, and it yields yummy, nice, fluffy, soft huat kueh
This is the fourth huat kueh I tried this year, the easiest too, and the one gave me the best result, really gave me big 'huat' LOL

The first recipe I tried - using yeast, didn't bloom at all, instead the tops were beautifully rounded haha... Texture also a little too chewy and yeasty
The second recipe - using soda drink (I used Fanta orange since it was orange huat kueh) was a disaster. It did bloom quite okay but it's not cake, it's tough and chewy like rubber. I tried this recipe twice and it came out exactly the same :(
The third recipe was actually can be considered a success but it didn't bloom as big as I wanted to. Texture and taste was good, though

All of them ended up in rubbish bin - except the third recipe which I enjoyed eating
I tried those recipes using oranges. All in all, I wasted eight of them, and I guess about 3/4 kg of flour, not to mention the other ingredients and gas from steaming them. What a loss!

I did huat kueh twice some years back, using two different recipes, and had no problem at all. So right now I'm so curious and have a mission to conquer those three recipes. But after the failures, I just waited for my mood to set in
And then, this morning, I saw Victoria from Victoria Bakes posted this huat kueh
OMG! Nutella huat kueh? Nutella? Okay, let's do it now! Furthermore, today is the 15th day of Chinese New Year, perfect time! :)
So, here it is, mission accomplished! :)

What you need:
(below is double recipe, makes 8)
240g cake / top flour
10g baking powder (I used double acting)
270g fresh milk
200g Nutella (original recipe used 90g for one recipe but feedback was not sweet enough, so I increased the amount a little)
some semi sweet chocolate chips (my addition) 
  1. Preheat steamer over high heat. Prepare individual muffin aluminium cup lined with muffin case
  2. Sieve flour and baking powder in a large bowl. Pour in milk and mix well - batter is thick and sticky
  3. Add in Nutella, stir well. Lastly, add in chocolate chips, mix well
  4. Spoon batter into the muffin cups until full, and steam for 15 mins
  5. Off heat and let them sit inside the steamer for another 3 mins before removing the lid
Things to take note when making huat kueh:
  • Steamer must be really hot (boiling water) when putting in the cups - put them in fast
  • Spoon batter til full in order for them to bloom beautifully
  • Batter must be really thick and not pourable
  • Do not open steamer at all while steaming the cakes
  • Cover steamer lid so the condensation water will not drip onto the cakes
See some chocolate chips here and there? I didn't put in a lot cos I didn't want to put too much weight to the batter - I'm not sure if my theory correct, I was thinking they will not be able to huat perfectly if I add to o much chocolate chips :)
To think again, I should have used chocolate rice instead, Will do so in the future :)

Another thing you see? Yes, some white dots! I must have not mixed the wet and dry ingredients evenly enough. Luckily it didn't affect the taste  and texture :)

Soft, fluffy, and yummy!
Somehow after adding the amount of Nutella, I still find it's not sweet enough. However, the chocolate chips does help :)
For the other three recipes I mentioned above, I will definitely update you all when I manage to conquer them! :)
This post is for Best Recipes for Everyone Mar2015 Event Theme: My Favourite Traditional Kueh by Fion of XuanHom's Mom and co-host by Joceline of Butter, Flour & Me
To all, Happy Cap Goh Meh! :)


  1. Very pretty your Nuttella Huat Kueh... :) Happy Chap Gor Meh!

  2. I love huat ke. But never tried w Nutella. This is so yummy. I know some recipes used Eno as the rising agent.

  3. This nutella huat kuih is too lovely. I like it very much. I saw some people bake strawberry jam huat kuih too.

  4. Omigosh!!! Look at your little flowers.. they look so dreamy, soft and ultra fluffy!! Yours definitely look much better than mine!

    Tks for the shout out

  5. wa! the huat kueh so nice ~ " huat " like flower.

    This month BREE # 7 March tittle is " My Favourite Traditional Kueh " . Welcome to join & link to this event.
    Thanks for sharing ~

    Our ref :

  6. Alice, this huat kueh really huat ah! heee..heeee....

  7. Hi Alice, I tried this nutella huat kueh this morning. The steam cake turn out to be dense and did not huat at all. I steamed them on high heat for 20 mins. I did not understand what went wrong. Hope you can advise. Thanks - Tracy

  8. Wow! Really smiling huat kueh, I want to try this too:D

  9. All like pretty flowers blomming in your kitchen,pretty!



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