Thursday, July 10, 2014

THB #32 Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake

Many thanks to Joyce from Kitchen Flavour, the host of The Home Baker
She gave me permission to link my super late bakes
It's supposed to be done in March and I did this cake somewhere early June and I just posted today! I must fight this "blogging blue" that has been dragging too long! :)

This cake was chosen by Angela from the Charmed Cupcake
Simple to make, yet so yummy. My kind of cake :)
Soft, moist, sweetness mixed with the tang from the raspberry and the bonus crunch from the almond. So perfect with a cuppa!

I baked half recipe with 10x20cm rectangle pan. Didn't do any change to the measurement of the ingredients this time. Just perfect :)
Please view HERE for the full recipe

My bake for The Home Bakers - bake no. 32



  1. Hi Alice,
    Glad that you could finally post it up!
    Your cake looks great! And it is really moist with soft nice crumbs.
    Feel free to link up the past bakes anytime.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Alice,
    So glad you baked this cake. Your bake turned out beautiful, I actually wish I had a slice right now :)

    1. hi, thks for choosing this great recipe :)



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