Thursday, December 12, 2013

THB #27 Sticky Caramel Pinwheel Bread

I changed the name, sorry Mr. Pappas. To me, this is bread, not cake :)
But one thing for sure, whether you can name it cake or bread, this is one delicious munch!
Soft, fluffy bread with sticky gooey sweet topping. Served warm. Perfect!

I planned to bake this bread full recipe when I realized I ran out of bread flour. No choice, I made just half. Aarrgghh!

I followed the recipe exactly, but reduced the sugar for the dough (reduced to two third of the 1/3cup -> for half recipe) as well as the caramel topping. Oh, I also omitted the nuts!

Ready to bake... I got 11 pinwheels :)
 Fresh from the oven. I had no idea why the swirl at the top right turned out different LOL

It's almost dinner time when this bread out from the oven. Aarrgghh... I didn't like the idea cos I wouldn't get nice pictures at night. But it's been a baking time with lots of interruptions. Yeah... it's school holiday, so very expected LOL
Anyway, I will take more snaps tomorrow morning before I have them for breakfast. Just pray the object will still be in the container, not in somebody's belly hahaha...

Soft, fluffy, yummy, sticky sweet with full of cinnamon aroma and flavour nom nom nom... Let's see if tomorrow morning I still get the same texture :)

This bread is for The Home Bakers - hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, where we bake from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas
Jasline  of Foodie Baker chose this recipe, you may hop to her wonderful blog for the full recipe


  1. wow! these look super soft and delicious! love all the sticky caramel on the top!

  2. the swirls are so nice! gosh, i need to post this quick!

  3. Just had this at Lena's house, now I am coming over to your house! Smell fragrant!

  4. Looks great even without the nuts!

  5. i can smell this off my screen.... beautiful buns

  6. wow...looks so yummy...eager to try mine...thanks sharing..

  7. Wow, damn delicious mbak......
    somehow, this post made me missing my home for christmas even more!
    i can barely smells the cinnamon now, when my mom used to popped out this kind of bread from the oven then yelling my names......

  8. Hi Alice,
    This is one lovely bread. We love it! I made this again a few days ago, when my nieces came to stay for the holidays and they loved it too! Now it is tea-time and wishing I have one right now!

  9. can see the bread is very fluffy and soft, must be very good!



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