Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Banana Ice Cream (Master Chef)

Who would say no to this guilt free one ingredient ice cream?
When I saw many friends made this, I knew I had to make, too. Such a great idea!
So, here it is - I made three version, plain bananas, bananas with melted chocolate, bananas with yoghurt
You asked me to choose which one I like the best? Nope, I can't answer, cos I love all three :)

Source: Matt Preston (Master Chef Australia)

What you need:

4 very ripe bananas
  1. I waited for a few days for the bananas to ripen
  2. When the skin started to have many black dots and soft when pressed, I put them in the freezer and freeze overnight
  3. The next day, take out the bananas from the freezer, peel the skin with knife
  4. Cut the frozen bananas thinly and put in food processor
  5. Blend til smooth and creamy. Serve immediately
  6. To make with melted chocolate, I used 50g dark chocolate for 1 banana, chop and melt in microwave. Blend together with the frozen cut bananas
  7. To make with yoghurt, I used 2 tbsp of low fat plain yoghurt for 1 banana. Blend together with the frozen cut bananas
I froze the blended bananas for a few hours before serving, cos it melted really easily

This post is for Cook Like A Star September 2012 (Master Chef) hosted by Zoe



  1. oh my goodness! This is a GENIUS idea! i totally need to try this too!!! Thanks for sharing dear!

  2. Hi Alice,

    Welcome to the banana ice cream club! So far, you are fourth person making this ice cream in this event. Interesting to see that you have explored three different versions of this ice cream and nice to know all works well for you :D


  3. Alice, love the chocolate idea! Cant wait to try the yogurt version too! You are very creative :)

  4. Hi Alice, I like your banana chocolate version... looks good!

  5. Loved the modifications you made. Great going.



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