Thursday, March 3, 2011

Milo Agar Agar

This is really yummy - yes, nothing else to comment - finished the whole thing in one day :)
Ian wasn't really fond of this agar agar though... but Abby asked to eat nonstop! :P
And this lonely agar agar shown in the pic below is the last slice I got to take picture of hehe....

Got the recipe from Melly...what you need (I adjusted according to my taste preference):

Milo layer:
5g agar agar powder
500ml water
5 sachets Milo 3in1
2 tbsp sweet condensed milk

Milk layer:
5g agar agar powder
500ml water
7 tbsp sweet condensed milk

Mix all ingredients for Milo layer, cook in a pot over medium fire - keep stirring til boiling
Pour into agar agar mould - let cool
Meanwhile, cook milk layer ingredients, same as Milo layer, cook in a pot over medium fire - keep stirring til boiling
When Milo layer is already cool but not 100% hardened (you may test by touching it with your fingertips, it shouldn't stick), pour milk layer mixture slowly on top of Milo layer
Let cool and keep in the fridge


  1. Milo in agar is new to me and it looks delicious.

  2. My kids drink Milo everyday, I am sure they will like this Milo agar agar. Ya, about cottage pie, should be no problem to change it to chicken but you need to call it as chicken pie, hehehe.

  3. Alice, this Milo agar agar is very yummy. No more left? ;DD

  4. hi Zoe, u can try this agar - i'm sure the kids love it :)

    hi jess, thks :)

    hi Sonia, yes i think so, this agar usually is always popular among kids :)
    thks for the advice - hehe...correct it is chicken pie hor.... :)

    hi Joyce, thks :)

    hi Anncoo, thks - yes it is :)
    all gone within 1 day hehehe...



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