Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kwayteow Soup

This dish is so nice and the soup is so tasty without anything added - all comes from the ingredients put in
Adapted from Little Corner Of Mine

What you need:

For the soup:
chicken bone - I use 1 chicken breast bone
3 stalks celery - cut into 2
2 carrots - cut into 3 chunks
2 yellow onion - halved
a piece of ginger - smashed
2 stalks of lemongrass
a pot of water

For the topping:
fried fish balls
tofu fish cake and/or cheese tofu
minced pork
fried shallots
kwayteow - prepare as directed

Boil all the soup ingredients, simmer for 2 hours
After simmering for 1.5hour, add in all topping except fried shallots and kwayteow and bokchoy
Before putting off the fire, bring to boil, then add in bokchoy, off heat
And for me, I prefer to discard the celery and onion cos it's too soft to eat, also the ginger and the lemongrass so the taste of these 2 ingredients will not to over powering

Prepare kwayteow in a serving bowl and pour the soup over
Sprinkle fried shallot before eating and eat with chilli padi mixed with soya sauce

Simple, nutritious, delicious!
Perhaps the next time I cook this dish again I'll take a better snap of it - with the complete ingredients! :)

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