Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Salted Vegetable Chicken Soup

Easy, delicious heartwarming soup. Originally used duck, mine was chicken

Source: SpicenPans with my own adjustment

What you need:

500g chicken bone
500g chicken breast
a pot of water
200g salted vegetables (without leaves), washed and cut into 4parts
200g salted vegetables (with leaves), washed and cut into 4parts
3 medium tomatoes, quartered
80g old ginger, skin on, washed and lightly pounded
2 bulbs garlic, peeled
3 sour plum with 3tbsp of the juice, mashed with fork
1tbsp white peppercorn
1tbsp chicken / mushroom stock powder
1tsp salt
2tbsp sugar

  1. Blanch chicken bone and breast by bringing both chicken and water in a pot to a boil. Let boil for another 5mins, drain the water and wash the chicken 
  2. Put white peppercorn, garlic and ginger into a soup bag
  3. In a soup pot, put the soup bag, chicken, salted vegetables, tomatoes, sour plum
  4. Add in water enough to cover all ingredients in the pot
  5. Add in chicken stock powder and stir
  6. Bring to boil, after boiling, lower down fire to low and let simmer for 1.5hour, covered
  7. Check the taste and adjust accordingly. For me, I added salt and sugar
  8. Let cook for another 15mins over high fire and off heat

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