Sunday, June 14, 2020

Strawberries Sando

Japanese fruity sandwich. We're obsessed by it after having them a couple of times from Family Mart

Recipe source: Honeybeesweets

For the whipping cream filling:
200ml whipping cream
30g icing sugar, sifted
125g mascarpone cheese
1tsp vanilla extract (my addition)

some slices of bread
fruits of your choice, I used strawberries
cling wrap

  1. Whip cream and sugar until soft peak, about 5mins on medium speed
  2. Add in mascarpone cheese and vanilla, and whip on low speed for 30 secs until well mixed
  3. Refrigerate for about 1hour 
  4. On a slice of bread, spread cream. Top with fruits, and cover with more cream
  5. Cover with another slice of bread. Tighten the sides and wrap with cling wrap
  6. Cut diagonally before serving

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