Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Real Fruits Popsicle

What's not to like about this cold icy treats?
Nothing in it but all the goodness from orange, strawberries and kiwi :)

What you need is just popsicle mould, freshly squeezed orange juice, strawberries & kiwi slices, orange segments. In fact, the fruits used are for you to choose according to your preference!
Oh, and of course, you need a freezer LOL

This post is for Little Thumbs Up organised by Bake For Happy Kids, and My Little Favourite DIY, hosted by Ann of Anncoo Journal at this post


  1. Hi Alice,

    I think I can eat at least 5 of these fruit popsicle when I'm in Singapore. They look super refreshing :D


  2. Hi Alice, I love all the fresh fruits you used in the popsicle. Looks pretty and healthy. :D
    Hope you have a great weekend :)



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