Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cinnamon French Toast with Caramelized Peaches (Curtis Stone)

An irresistible breakfast! Yum yum yum....

Recipe is from HERE

What you need:

For the caramelized peach:
1/2 cup sugar
4 peaches, pitted, each cut into 8 wedges
3 tbsp unsalted butter

For the French toast:
6 large eggs
 4 pcs 1/2-inch-thick slices brioche bread (I used thick toast)
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp) unsalted butter
1/3 cup crème fraîche, for serving (I skipped)


To make the caramelized peach:
  1. Combine the sugar and 1/4 cup of water in a large heavy sauté pan over medium heat
  2. Stir until the sugar dissolves and the syrup comes to a simmer
  3. Allow the syrup to boil over medium-high heat without stirring, brushing down the sides of the pan and swirling the pan occasionally to ensure it cooks evenly, for about 6 minutes, or until it begins to turn golden brown
  4. Remove the pan from the heat and add the peaches and butter and swirl until the butter melts
  5. Cook over medium heat for 2 minutes, or until the peaches are just tender
To make the French toast:
  1. Using a fork, beat the eggs in a 13x9 baking dish to blend
  2. Place the slices of bread in the eggs and let stand for 5 minutes, or until the eggs are absorbed, turning the brioche slices once
  3. Stir the sugar and cinnamon on a large plate, set aside
  4. Melt the butter on a heavy large griddle pan over medium heat
  5. Add the bread to the hot pan and cook for about 2 minutes per side, or until golden brown on the outside and heated through
  6. Immediately place the hot French toast in the cinnamon-sugar and turn to coat completely
  7. Divide the French toast among 4 serving plates
  8. Spoon the peaches over the French toast, and drizzle the caramel sauce from the pan over the peaches and around the French toast
  9. Top with a dollop of crème fraîche (if using) and serve immediately

 Every bite will definitely make your day! :)

This post it for Cook Like A Star 2nd Anniversary Cooking Party March & April 2014 hosted by Zoe from Bake For Happy KidsMich from Piece of Cake and Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, where we can cook or bake like Donna Hay, Barefoot Contessa, Jamie Oliver, Masterchef, Martha Stewart, Delia Smith, Curtis Stone, Nigella Lawson, Ree Drummond and Bill Granger


  1. Hi Alice,
    This is the breakfast indulgence! With caramelized fresh peaches, it looks really yummy!

  2. Hi Alice,

    Wish that I'm at your place for breakfast... *dream dream*


    1. wish it could really happen Zoe, you come to my place for breakfast, but don't forget to bring all your awesome chocolate bakes LOL

  3. French toasts are so versatile!

  4. The kind of bfast I'd like to wake up to.. Yummy

  5. Loooks good.. sinful breakfast!

    1. indeed! my kind of weekend only breakfast LOL



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