Friday, November 1, 2013

THB #25 Italian Cheese & Herb Pinwheels

Finally I had time to bake this bread today
I love cheesy bread I didn't want to miss this one :)

I baked half recipe and made one giant pinwheel. Or flower? It did look like flower to me instead LOL

Recipe was chosen by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. Nice bread. Soft and fluffy. I love the super cheesy filling :)

I used a mixture of Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Parmesan cheese - total of 150g. Used all bread flour (1 3/4 cup) and the only herb I used for the filling was 1 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp of dried yeast and a pinch of sugar sprinkled over 1/2 cup of warm water. After 10 mins - bubbly and ready, poured into breadmaker pan, with 1 1/2 egg (90g in total). Followed by all dry ingredients and let the machine do the kneading and first proofing
While waiting, prepare the filling by mixing all the three grated cheeses with half egg and herb. Mix well
Shaping part, I followed Zoe's way. Please view her step by step picture
Flatten the dough into rectangle shape and sprinkle the filling over half of the flattened dough (length side). Fold and place it on the lined pan, seam side down (sausage-like shape)
Snip the sausage to three quarter of the way through, I cut into 6 parts. Lie flat each part, arrange to make it like a pinwheel shape
After proofing til doubled in size, brushed with egg wash and sprinkled some cheddar cheese around the centre part and then baked in preheated oven of 175degC til golden brown for 45mins (I had a giant pinwheel here LOL)

Not easy to neatly eat this giant pinwheel. I would make into smaller ones the next time I make this bread again LOL

This post is for The Home Bakers hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours

Btw, today is Abby's 8th birthday. Happy birthday my lovely little princess XOXO
Nothing fancy, just making a simple birthday cake for her. Will share some pics tomorrow. I haven't got the chance to go through them. So tired today. Baking a birthday cake and a giant pinwheel, and at the same time taking care of the house and the kids have drained out all my energy LOL
Time to sleep now zzzzzz...


  1. Hi Alice,
    I love cheesy bread too. Yours sure look fabulous!

    Happy birthday to your little princess Abby :)

  2. Hi Alice,
    Happy Birthday to Abby!
    Your pinwheel flower bread looks very nice! Like the cheezy yummy cheese in the centre!
    Glad that you could make this on time!
    Being a homemaker is a full-time job, haha!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Very pretty floral pinwheel! Looks great! Happy birthday little princess!

  4. That's a very beautiful flower pattern.

  5. Hi Alice,

    Lucky that Lena reminded me... Or else, I almost miss out your post... I have forgotten about my hosting role at THB :p

    Yeah... I think your bread looks more like a cheerful sunflower rather than a pinwheel.




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