Friday, October 5, 2012

Snowskin Mooncakes 2012

Some of mooncakes I made last month yet to be posted til today *grin*
Ya ya ya, me and my backlogs.. see, I'm posting out my mooncakes in the month of October this year LOL

I made 4 varieties:
* Apple snowskin with red wine berries filling
* Cranberries snowskin with passionfruit filling
* Plain snowskin with chocolate filling
* Coffee kahlua snowskin with chocolate filling

Not so pleased with the result, I should have made the skin a little thinner
The plain skin with chocolate filling - the filling leaked out :(
And the coffee kahlua skin should have been more moist - if you see the first picture below, the one on the right side, the brown color, that's coffee kahlua skin with a little crack :(
But tastewise, it's still really good :)

I love the fruity types, while the rest preferred those with chocolate filling

Recipe for the skin can be viewed HERE
I replaced the cold water with:
-cold apple juice for apple snowskin
-cold cranberry juice for cranberry snowskin,
-1 sachet of 3-in-1 powder powder (20g) with 90ml of hot water. Leave to cool and then completely chill in fridge before using

As for the filling, I purchased the chocolate filling from Jasmine from The Sweetylicious, and the rest were complimentary from her, so sweet of her :)


  1. I love your fruit-filling paste - berries and passion fruits the most! I didn't have any snowskin mooncake this year :(

  2. oh yum, lovely color and texture! i love that

  3. Hi Alice, so lucky to be still able to see some mooncakes from your place. After reading all 4 flavours, I instantly went for coffee kahlua skin with chocolate filling. Very special combination!

  4. I love all the 4 flavours! Next year I'm want to order some from Jasmine :)

    1. thks Ann :)
      yes, i too will order from her again :P

  5. How yummy! I love esp. the passionfruit filling.

    1. hi Angie, that's the one I love the best! :P

  6. Lovely mooncakes! You know, I only ate a slice this year, and it is a small quarter!

    1. hi Joyce, the good thing, u did not eat this calorie laden full of sugar treat :P

  7. I always like Snowskin mooncakes, too bad this year, I didn't have it at all.

  8. hi Yan, hope next year u can eat some
    but actually u can make it anytime u feel like having one LOL



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