Thursday, October 18, 2012

THB #10 - Danish Chocolate Streusel - Swirled Bread

My 10th bake for The Home Bakers, how time flies!
This is definitely not a cake to me, hence the change I made in the name
Whatever the name is, this is really a keeper!
Such a soft and yummy bread I baked this morning!
Let's see how it'll be tomorrow morning :)

I made half recipe, divided the dough into two and it still yielded two huge loafs

The changes I made was:
  • I used 2 medium eggs for half recipe
  • I substituted the all purpose flour to bread flour
  • For the topping, I used grated cheddar cheese instead, since my kids do not eat breads and cakes with nuts, the choice I didn't regret at all, I really enjoyed the cheesy crust!
  • I used breadmaker to do the kneading and first proofing
  • I halved the cinnamon powder so not to 'interrupt ' the chocolate flavour - this I did for my kids in particular
I didn't quite get it at the instruction where I was supposed to pull and twist each cut so I just skipped this. I should have blog hopped to those baked this earlier to find out. Later part I found out Anuja has the picture to show how it's done. But it's too late LOL
Perhaps that's the reason why I had flatter bread compared with the rest of the members' :)

Flat bread as it is, this bread is really delicious with wonderful texture
The whole family loves this
I'll definitely make this again, and yes, will do the pulling and twisting next time :)

For full recipe, please hop over to Anuja's site, she has chosen this wonderful recipe

This post is for The Home Bakers hosted by Joyce
An event for baking enthusiasts using recipes from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas


  1. Fulamak, so delicious looking. I love the crunchy top part.

  2. Wow, with cheezy top, how delicious! Will keep this in mind when I make this next time! This is a delicious bake!
    Have a great weekend, Alice!

    1. thks Joyce, i just love cheese and chocolate combo :)

  3. I like the streusel part too ! What a lovely bake !

  4. Hi Alice,
    wow you really got a lovely colour on your crust. You are so right, this recipe sure is a keeper. Glad to hear that your whole family loved it.
    P.S.Sorry for my late visit and comment.

    1. hi Anuja, thks and no problem about the late comment
      u see how late i am in replying too? LOL

  5. Cheese and chocolate in a Danish...Now this is an idea!!! Great job!! I was not able to make this recipe this month :( It looks like I missed a really great one. I will make it soon though it look so delicious!!!!



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