Friday, October 12, 2012

Brownies Pudding

This chocolaty sweet refreshing dessert was so good I could not stop munching on it
The funny thing was, it needed more than just a few bites to relay the message to my brain that this pudding was so good
My first impression after the first bite wasn't so convincing, it's just too heavy to call it pudding, it could make me so full I could consider it as a meal - definitely because of the use of bread in the pudding
But as my mouth kept munching, slowly my impression changed, to the better
And final result - I was addicted to it! And so was my kids
It's delicious, sweet, chocolaty and so smooth
DH wasn't though, he still prefers something light, and unlike me, after a few tries his opinion didn't change
Oh well, I just enjoyed it together with the kids then :P

Recipe is from Nina's site but I didn't make the custard sauce and I didn't use almond, either (the original recipe is to sprinkle chopped almond in the mould before pouring the pudding mixture and serve with custard sauce)
To me, the pudding is already so good on its own :)

What you need:

14g plain white agar agar powder
1200ml fresh milk
6 pcs stale white bread, remove the crust
225g sugar
100g dark chocolate, chopped
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten

Wet the pudding mould
Blend bread, half of the milk, chopped dark chocolate and agar agr powder til very smooth
Pour the mixture in a pot, mix with the remaining milk, sugar and egg yolk, bring to boil over small fire, off heat
Turn on the heat again, stir vigorously, bring to boil another time, off heat
Pour into the mould, let it set and cool
Keep in the fridge

This is how the kids enjoyed the pudding... ^_^


I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #24 (October 2012): Jellies and Puddings hosted by Charmaine of MiMi Bakery House


  1. I make pudding once, my girls prefer jelly more than pudding.

    1. hi Yan, oh really? usually they dun mind either one :)
      my girl is crazy about chocolate, she'll eat anything with chocolate :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love chocolate, and I love pudding. This combination would surely makes my taste buds go crazy! Can't stop eating it once started :)

    1. hi yvonne, thks :) u're right
      i was like that when out of sudden I fell in love with this pudding :)

  3. Thks for yr submission Alice... It's an interesting pudding:))

  4. This not only looks good but sounds very tempting too! Chocolate is my BIGGEST weakness! :)

    1. hi Kit, thks :) chocolate is hard to resist indeed :)

  5. Waaaa...wajib dicoba niy, kalo mbak Alice bilang enak artinya beneran enak. Tapi proses pemasakan yang kedua kali sampe mendidih itu untuk apa ya mbak Alice?

    1. hi Hesti, iya ini enak :)
      katanya sih karena yg mendidih pertama kali itu gak diaduk2, jadi yg kedua kali itu spy bener2 nyampur
      aku sih ikutin aja, tp sepertinya kl pas dididihin yg pertama kali itu sambil diaduk2 terus ya udah cukup ya? :)

    2. Oh, hihi aku baru perhatikan. Di resep mbak Nina ternyata yang kedua itu untuk mematangkan kuning telurnya karena masuk belakangan. Padahal dicampur langsung kayak mbak Alice jg nggak apa apa. Nggak pecah kok telurnya ya...dan pudingnya tetap cantik.

    3. oh aku baru sadar Hes kalo aku gak bener ikutin resep nya Nina hehehehe... penyakit, kalo coba resep baru gak pernah baca bener2 dulu sebelum start bikin hihihihi....

  6. So interesting, I guess it's like a brownie jelly in a way?

    1. hi Yen, its actually just like a chocolate pudding to me, but its the heavier in texture, its still as yummy though, very filling! :)

  7. Hi Alice, interesting pudding but it look so mouth watering. yum yum

    Have a nice week ahead.

    1. hi Amelia, thks! its really yummy :)
      have a great week :)

  8. Hi Alice, this sounds interesting..i have the same question as Baby Sumo, so is the texture similar to a brownie pudding kind? I sm just trying to imagine haha. Sounds like something i can do with my son for a school holiday project :)

    1. hi Esther, the taste is similar to chocolate pudding, texture is fine, too
      the pudding is more to heavy type, can really fill u up, must be because of the bread
      perhaps thats why the name is brownies pudding, cos brownies is always heavier than cake :)



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