Monday, December 5, 2011

Thai Chicken Green Curry

It's a convenient way of cooking with premix, still wins everytime :)
Asian Home Gourmet is one of the brand I like, I have used some and all have been satisfying in terms of taste :)
For this particular cooking, I always have a packet standby and use it everytime I manage to get Thai round green aubergines
I did recently, so I went straight to the kitchen opened my drawer, took out the premix and cooked this delicious Thai dish which I almost never miss out everytime dining out at Thai food eateries

It's so easy peasy, just adding diced chicken, cut aubergines, coconut milk, water...cook as directed in the package you won't go wrong
I learnt from my previous trips to Thailand, this dish is always accompanied by cut salted vegetables and cut shallots, also fish sauce to sprinkle as desired
It's really a great combination, especially eaten with hot fluffy rice - heaven! :)

Yeah, I know....I will cook this dish from the scratch next time okie....promise! :)

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