Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sugar Cookies

Made this particularly for the kids to play with cookies cutters
This cookies taste delicious, and the dough is pretty easy to handle, which is important since I'm playing with the kids :)
The cookies is a little crunchy at the edges and soft at the centre
If you want to make it crunchy all over, you can roll the dough thinner and adjust the baking time

These are my favorite it really that Minnie is bigger than Mickey? :P

Recipe is from Rima's site

At first, I didn't want to do the icing, playing with the cutters was fun enough, but they asked to decorate the cookies, so I said okay, allright....

Unfortunately, I didn't do it correctly, I didn't beat the egg whites stiff enough, resulting in runny icing wew....
Couldn't manage to reverse the situation, I said to the kids to do the decoration next time somewhere nearer to Christmas day, but they insisted to do just a few pieces
Feeling guilty cos the mistake was on my side, I said ok

So, here are the few pieces, my kids' first cookies masterpiece - with runny icing, with a little help from me LOL

Those cookies can be named disastrous cookies haha... but my kids love them, kept on staring at them, and of course munched on them nonstop :)
I saw them admiring them and it's like a reminder to me how we adults at times have to follow kids attitude, in certain things, to be easily contented :)

I told them, let's find nice Christmas cookies cutters first and we can make more cookies with decorations for Christmas day
And they said, "Yyyeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!"


  1. hehe i think the abstract decorations are quite pretty ;p and yes, we should learn to be easily contented, just like your kids. things would be so much easier huh? :)

  2. Ty for trying Alice.. sonia had a great time decorating and cutting the cookies.. dough is easy to handle which is a plus point for us mother when baking with kids :op

  3. yeah, kids will enjoy doing especially seeing those cute cutters. yes you are right, we should learn to be easily contented..just like the kids.

  4. This is a lovely idea for the kids to 'play', they get to eat the cookies too. Lovely cookies!

  5. that is so creative.. i love the mickey/minnie.

  6. hi Janine, thks :) indeed, kids are our role model in certain things :)

    hi Rima, thks for great recipe and idea, my kids did too! next time i'll prefect my icing so they'll have much greater time! :)

    hi Lena, thks!, yes indeed! :)

    hi Joyce, thks alot! yes, my kids love these cookies :)

    hi Loveforfood, thks! me too, I love mickey and minnie :P



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