Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Country Style Steamed Chicken

Very easy to make and yummy dish, not forgetting it's a healthier choice :)

Recipe is from here
I doubled up the amount due to the size of the chicken (mine was 800g)

What you need:
400 gm free range chicken chopped to bite size
8 dried Chinese mushrooms (soaked, stemmed and sliced)
10 gm cloud ears/wan yee (soaked, stemmed and cut) -> I didn't use
1 knob ginger, pressed for juice
2 tsp wolfberries
8 red dates (seeded and sliced)

2  tsp oyster sauce
1  Tbsp Shaoxing wine -> I forgot to use :(
1 tsp each of :  salt and sesame oil
1/4  tsp sugar
1/2  tsp light soya sauce
Chopped spring onions for garnishing -> Another thing I forgot to add :'(
A dash of pepper

Marinate the chicken pieces with all the seasoning except  the wine  
Mix in the red dates, wolfberries,mushrooms, ginger juice and cloud ears.  Set aside for 2 hours
Steam under rapidly boiling water for 20 mins. or till chicken is tender and cooked through
Test for taste, turn off heat and drizzle in the wine
Garnish with chopped spring onions and a dash of pepper
Serve immediately with white rice

Submitting this post to NCC Chinese Food Week


  1. Delicious chicken dish...yum yum my favorite too.

  2. Alice..ini kesukaan hubby nih... slurrp

  3. This looks delicious! One of my favourite dish to go with rice! Yum!

  4. hi Amelia, thks - same here :)

    hi Melly, nyam nyam bener nih, keluargaku jg suka :)

    hi Joyce, thks - yum yum...agree! :)



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