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Asian Food Fest #5 (March 2014): Indonesia

Thanks to Annielicious Food for hosting the last two months AFF #4 – Hong Kong & Macau. Please view the round up of all the entries HERE

Now it's time for some Indonesian dishes! :)
Thank you to Wendy from Table for 2.... or more for giving me this opportunity to be the host of AFF #5 - Indonesia :)

A short intro...

Indonesia is one huge archipelago in Southeast Asia consisting of 17,000 large and small islands (6,000 inhabited – densely populated with more than 240 million people) and straddling the equator. Java is the biggest ethnic group and the most populous island where more than half Indonesian population live
Named as 'The Spice Islands", Indonesia was dominated by Dutch for the longest time - 350 years! After which it's taken over by Japanese for another 3.5 years before declaring independence

Now talking about Indonesian cuisine...

Indonesian cuisine is very diverse with so many regions across the islands
Below is some brief information...

Dishes from Java

Some of the famous one are Sundanese food from West Java, such as nasi timbel (fragrant rice wrapped in banana leaves and served with deep fried chicken, tofu and tempe,salted fish chunk, raw vegetables and chilli paste),  karedok (fresh salad made with raw long beans, bean sprouts, and cucumber with a spicy peanut sauce), empal gepuk (fried marinated tender beef slices), batagor (fried stuffed tofu and fishmeat ball in peanut sauce), and mi kocok (beef noodle soup) and many more

Nasi timbel

From Central Java, there are gudeg (sweet dish from jackfruit eaten with rice, chicken in coconut milk, egg stew and krecek - spicy beef inner skin), soto kudus (spiced chicken soup), lumpia (spring roll with bamboo shoot filling), ayam goreng kalasan (fried chicken using coconut water), nasi ayam (tasty rice with chicken, egg, tofu served in sweet salty coconut milk gravy) among so many others


East Java has its own kind of food. Some are bakwan Malang (meatball soup with different variety besides the meatball itself, pecel (steamed spinach, beansprouts, longbeans in peanut sauce), rawon (beef spiced soup cooked with kluwak), sate Madura (chicken satay) , rujak cingur (a marinated cow nose served with rice cake, vegetables and shrimp paste peanut sauce)


More info about Javanese food can be viewed HERE

Dishes from Sumatra

Some of the prominent dishes from the island of Sumatra includes Padang food from West Sumatra, where most of the dishes are rich and spicy. The famous beef rendang is one of them

Padang food

Pempek from South Sumatra is also very famous. It's deep fried fish and sago dumpling comes in various shapes, eaten with sweet sour sauce. The soupy version for pempek is called tekwan. A well known yummy noodle dish cooked in coconut milk and dried shrimp is mi celor


More info about food from Sumatra can be found HERE and HERE
Some Sumatra food recipes can be viewed HERE

Dishes from Bali

Sate lilit (satay usually made of chicken or fish meat using lemongrass skewer), babi guling (roasted pig stuffed with spices) and bebek betutu (duck stuffed with spices and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves) are well known and loved by Indonesians

Sate lilit

Bebek betutu

You may read HERE and HERE for more Balinese food

Dishes from Sulawesi

To name a few popular ones are woku dish (typically using fish, spiced and simmered in herbs), rica rica dish (spicy grilled dish, usually chicken and/or fish used), coto Makassar (beef soup)

Ayam rica rica

Coto Makassar

A little more about dishes from Sulawesi HERE

Dishes influenced by other countries

Poffertjes (small round bite size fluffy pancakes), klappertaart (coconut tart), semur (stewed dish, usually chicken is used), bistik Jawa (Javanese beef steak) are some of so many Dutch influenced dishes

Some of Chinese influenced dishes are siomay (steamed fish dumpling with vegetables served with peanut sauce), lumpia (spring roll), fu yung hai (egg foo young - omelette dish), nasi tim (steamed rice with marinated chicken) and many more

India also did its part in Indonesian food, such as martabak (fried stuffed pancake), nasi kebuli (rice cooked in milk, ghee and goat broth), kari (curry dishes)

Source (top to bottom):
Martabak manis (left), martabak telur (right):,
 Read more HERE, HERE and HERE

Street food

Common snack easily found particularly in Java island, and so loved by Indonesians
Pukis (coconut milk cake), kue lumpur (Javanese mud cake), kue pancong (coconut cake), carabikang (coconut milk cake which shaped something like flower), lemper (steamed glutinuous rice with meat filling), serabi (traiditional pancake eaten with sweet sauce), bakpia (layered pastries with mungbean filling, many have other kind of filling too such as chocolate, cheese, etc), otak otak (grilled fish cake wrapped in banana leaves), gorengan (deep fried snacks), bakso (meatball soup) - just to name a few

Top left: carabikang:
Top right: kue pukis:
Bottom: kue pancong & a typical kue pancong seller:

Otak otak

Typical gorengan seller

Typical bakso seller

Some readings about Indonesian street food: HERE and HERE

Desserts & Beverages

Some well known desserts are es cendol (just like what we have in Singapore), es teler (served with avocado, young coconut flesh, jackfruits, shaved ice, sweet condensed milk), es doger (coconut milk based ice served with avocado, fermented cassave (tapai), fermented black glutinuous rice (tape ketan hitam), jackfruit, diced bread and chocolate sweet condensed milk), jus alpukat (avocado juice served with chocolate sweetened condensed milk), kolak pisang (similar to pengat pisang but served with attap chee, jackfruits, sweet potato), bubur sumsum (sweet rice flour porridge in palm sugar sauce), and many more

Es teler

Jus alpukat

Okay, I shall stop here. Below is some sites for your references:

And here are some blogs with great Indonesian food recipes:

You may take a look at my blog too for my Indonesian food posts:

You may also google the name of the dish for recipe. There are a lot you can find, be it blogs, sites or you tube videos


1. Who can join? Anyone can join
2. Prepare a dish that is from Indonesia. Remember to take photos of the finished product and if possible, the preparatory process as well.
3. Provide recipe that is credited (from books, internet, friends or family or your own, be specific). Submissions without stating recipe and/or sources will not be accepted for all forms of submission
4.Submit your entry latest by 31st March 2014
a. Prepare a dish that is from Indonesia
b. Blog about it from 1st to 31st March 2014
c. Include the caption below your blog post
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d. Submit your entry via the Linky provided at the end of this blog post
2. Facebook Users
a. Like the 
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d. Provide recipe with picture

Bloggers can submit their previous blog posts on Indonesian dishes they have prepared to Facebook, but please state “OLD BLOG POST“. Anyone that has made or baked a Indonesian dish and have a picture and recipe can submit to Facebook. It does not have to be a recently done dish. These Facebook entries will hopefully provide inspiration and motivation for other folks to cook them

3. Non-Facebook users and Non Bloggers
Email a picture of the dish together with the credited recipe to ( latest by 31st March 2014 by 11.59pm (Singapore and Malaysian time)
A Round Up will be done for all blog entries and emailed in entries on 2nd April 2014
For bloggers, only new entries made in your blog within the stipulated period with complete recipe and/or recipe links/references would be accepted. For non-bloggers, only entries complete with recipe and/or recipe links/references would be accepted

Asian Food Fest (Indonesia): 1st to 31st March 2014


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    1. mba Ridha, blog nya keren... makasih inspirasi nya ya... susah cari Indonesian food blogs yg pake bhs inggris soale :) yuk ayuk aku tunggu ya partisipasi nya, lgs link ke sini aja ya mba :)

  3. Salam kenal mbak Alice. Saya Ridha di Balikpapan. Aq rada bingung kalo mau ikutan ini. Kalo posting lngsung di fanpage nya aja gpp kan?bisa ya?lngsung posting di FP AFF.makasih^^

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  6. Ah the month of Indonesia.. so many familiar, yet unknown dishes. definitely will support with some dishes

  7. Hi Alice,
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    1. hi Amie, terimakasih... nasi timbel nya looks so yummy! Tak ada yang silap, it's perfect :)

  8. Hi Alice,

    Hope that my submission is Indonesian enough :p


  9. Hi Alice,
    I just linked to my recent post on the month theme. Great work :D and thank you for hosting



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