Thursday, October 31, 2013

My First Halloween Treats

Did these two as requested by the kids for Halloween this year
Confession: As I do not really celebrate Halloween, I never bake anything related to this spooky day in my life! LOL

Spider cupcakes.. does it look like spider? LOL
I made half recipe and I got 8 big cupcakes

Frosted the cupcakes with Nutella, sprinkled with chocolate rice, pasted M&M as the eyes, black fondant for the legs and pink fondant for the mouth

My Halloween ghosts
Frozen bananas dipped in plain low fat yoghurt, pasted choco chips for the eyes, back to freezer and that's it :)

Ready to go party tonight!


  1. Hohoooo.. these are cute! We also celebrated Halloween this year, but my boy just turned one, so there were no request from him yet. But I'll foresee there will be, in years to come. Yours will be something I can make reference to in future.

  2. ooh.. creepy crawlies... your guests must be having more treats than tricks at your partayyyyy... happy halloween!

  3. Hi Alice, you are very creative. Your spooky desserts look so cute and delightful. Well done!

    Have a nice weekend.



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