Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AFF Philippines - Abokado At Condensada

This dessert is apparently loved by Pinoy
It uses the same ingredients as Indonesian's avocado juice - avocado and sweet condensed milk, it's only that Indonesians use chocolate sweet condensed milk (which I can never find in Singapore)
The difference here is that for this dessert, the avocado is in chunks

Inspiration is from Hi Cookery & Overseas Pinoy Cooking

This is the basic typical avocado with condensed milk dessert:

No recipe for this. It's only cut avocado drizzled with sweet condensed milk. Original recipe uses so much of the sweet milk that it's like soaking the avocado. I just couldn't do it, it's just way too sweet for me, so I just drizzled a little bit over the cut avocado
After making banana-que and kamote-que, and then this dessert, I find that Pinoy really has sweet tooth! :)
Now, there are some variations in serving this dessert. Some add chocolate cream. Others serve this as a smoothie by blending it with ice cubes and fresh milk
So, I had mine too! :)
Cut avocado
Pour a little sweet condensed milk
Pour fresh milk (I used reduced sugar soya milk)

Stir stir stir...
Pour a little chocolate sauce

Stir again and voila!
This is yummy but then again, as I mentioned before, it's really too sweet! :)
I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest – Philippines hosted by The Sweet Spot

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