Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Last CNY Bake: Cheesy Pineapple Tart (Enclosed Version)

Another late posting for CNY this year, last one, trust me :)
After this I will say bye bye to CNY stuff LOL

I somehow always prefer baking open face pineapple tart than enclosed type. It's more time consuming, more patience required, too. But this recipe calls for enclosed, so I just followed. Still need to improve in how they look :P

I've been wanting to try this recipe since last year, but only now I had the time
This is not the melt in the mouth type, but it does yield soft kind of cookies, too
Very tasty especially with the addition of cheese in it, but Abby, the pineapple tart lover, still prefers the open face no cheese melt in the mouth kind
But other than her, the rest of the family likes this addictive munch :)

Recipe is from one famous baker in Indonesia, Ny Liem

What you need:

150g butter
60g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
1 egg white

150g parmesan cheese powder

Mix together and sift:
25g full cream milk powder
300g plain flour

3 egg yolks, lightly beaten
grated cheddar cheese

  1. Beat A til creamy, add in B, beat for a while
  2. Add in C gradually while stirring with wooden spoon
  3. Shape dough into balls (about 3/4 tbsp. each). Flatten each ball and add in filling (pineapple jam balls 1 tsp each) at the centre and close, shape into balls
  4. Brush with egg yolk, and sprinkle cheddar cheese on top
  5. Bake in preheated oven of 150degC for 20 mins til golden brown

I used the same recipe as HERE for the pineapple jam filling
The taste and texture develops overnight. It was a little too crispy when eaten fresh out from the oven. I prefer to have it the next day when the cookie has softened
Still as addictive as the rest of the recipe, but those love only melt in the mouth type, you can pass this one :)
Will I bake using this recipe again? Mmmm.... I don't think so. As much as I enjoy eating it, I would just stick to the melt in the mouth kind, at least I won't disappoint Abby :)

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