Thursday, February 13, 2014

Longevity Noodles With Superior Stock and Eggs

Another new dish I cooked during Chinese New Year
Love it. Tasty and yummy :)

Recipe is from Ellena from Cuisine Paradise
She got the recipe when she joined a cooking demo by Chef Eric Low. Details HERE

What you need:

400g longevity noodles (I used Cintan brand dry noodles) - cook as directed
6 tbsp oil for cooking (I used 5)
1 tsp chopped garlic (I used 4 cloves of garlic)
200g pork loin, sliced (marinate with a dash of Maggi seasoning sauce and 1 tbsp of cornstarch)
30g dried shitake mushroom, soaked and sliced (I used 50g)
100g Chinese yellow chives, cut 2 cm (I couldn't find this so I used normal chives)
1 litre water
3 tbsp concentrated chicken stock
2 tbsp oyster sauce
12 prawns, peeled
200g beansprouts
cornstarch for thickening
12 pcs quail eggs, hard boiled and peeled (somehow I forgot to buy quail eggs on that day so I used normal 3 chicken eggs)

  1. Heat oil, sautee garlic til fragrant. Add in marinated pork slices, cook briefly. Stir in mushrooms and chives, sautee for 2 mins
  2. Add in water, bring to boil. Season with stock and oyster sauce
  3. Add in prawns and beansprouts. Thicken sauce slightly with cornstarch which has been diluted with a little water
  4. Return noodles and eggs to boiling for a quick blanch. Transfer to serving plate and pour sauce over noodles (I skipped this step. What I did was after draining the cooked noodles, I mixed with some sesame oil and light soya sauce for taste)

A different touch from the usual longevity noodles normally served during Chinese New Year or any celebration. My whole family loves this dish. I'm sure yours will, too


  1. Yummy Alice! Love your twist to this recipe. Just perfect for anytime especially here where we are getting lots and lots of snow! Thank you so much for sharing...I'll be pinning this!

  2. Sounds simple and delicious!

    Happy Valentine's Day!



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