Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bake Along #46 Lemon Cheddar Cheese Cake

Phew..... Finally I write again in my blog
It's close to a month since the last time I did wooaaa...

June has been a busy month for me, but this year was even busier
School holiday, the kids were bored that most of the days we were outside, ended up we had most of our meals outside, too
I had some family issues to resolve too which gave me quite a headache that whenever we're at home, I just lost my mood to cook so I just bought outside food
Some days my mum cooked for us, my saviour :P
Went for a short break then came back with a super smoky Singapore, I was so put off to even going into the kitchen, it was so hot!
So, there goes the whole month of June, my kitchen was also on holiday LOL

Luckily the weather is getting better now, as well as my mood, and since first day of school I have been on track, cooking for my family :)
And, today finally I used up my oven again LOL

 I baked this cake this morning, on the last day of submission for Bake Along event
This cake has been in my to do list for ages. The recipe is from Ricke's site
So many great reviews about this popular cake, the most talked about is how great is the soft cottony texture, it immediately melts in the mouth

When I browsed through other great bakers' cheese cakes, I saw Joyce from Kitchen Flavours did Cheddar Cheese Cake, too
When I read her post, I then realized that the recipe she used is the same as Ricke's
There are some slight modification, where Ricke used lemon juice instead of cream of tartar, and she added lemon zest too
And another thing I found out too that this recipe is originally from Alex Goh recipe book :)
In the end, I followed Ricke's recipe as I wanted to bake lemon version of this cake

Oh how I love this cake! It is so so so smooth, cottony soft and tastes delicious
It's indeed melting in my mouth that finishing a slice is so easy, really dangerous for my waistline LOL
I poured some lemon curd (I used store bought) mixed with warm water to make it less thick. Gosh, heaven!

What you need:

130gm milk
40gm butter
125gm cheddar cheese (finely grated)

20gm plain flour
15gm corn flour
3 egg yolk
zest of a lemon

3 egg whites
90gm sugar
1 tsp of lemon juice

  1. Grease and line 18cm round pan
  2. Preheat oven to 150degC
  3. Cook A over double boiler until cheese melts (stir with whisk), set aside til warm
  4. Add in sifted B, mix til well blended. Add in C, mix well and set aside the mixture
  5. In a mixing bowl, beat egg whites til foamy. Add in lemon juice and gradually add in sugar, beat til soft peak (not too dry and stiff, just til creamy and glossy)
  6. Take a little of the egg white mixture, mix in the cheese mixture
  7. Pour into the remaining of the egg white mixture and fold gently
  8. Pour batter into the pan, bake in water bath for 50 minutes (I added another 15 minutes, the last 20 minutes I tented the top of the cake with aluminium foil)
  9. Leave cake in the oven for 10 minutes and the sides of the cake moved away from the pan
  10. Take it out and gently take out the cake from the pan
  11. Decorate as you like

This post is for Bake Along , a baking event organised by  Joyce from Kitchen FlavoursLena from Frozen Wings and Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids


  1. Hi Alice,
    Adding the lemon is a good idea! Yes, the cake bakes up so cottony soft and fluffy! I got to add an extra 40 minutes to the baking time! Your cake sounds delicious with the lemon curd!
    I was wondering about your absence in blogging! Glad that everything is getting better.
    Thank you for baking along with us! Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. Yummy looking cake Alice! Love the way it looks so fluffy & moist. Yummy is the word.

  3. Hi Alice,

    Happy to see back in action. Hope that everything has been fine for you at Singapore... I can understand that it is difficult to cook and blog with personal problems but sometimes, baking can be therapeutic to me too.

    Your cheese cake looks great and hope that enjoying a slice of your beautiful cake can brighten your day...


  4. Ooh this lemon cheesecake must be very appetizing too. :)

  5. wow! your cake looks very fluffy and tall!!!


  6. hi alice, nice to see you back in action with this cheddar cheesecake! I think many of us here also like alex goh's recipes. I can imagine how heavenly this is and it looks very good! thx again alice for your participation!

  7. Alice, your cheddar cheesecake looks awesome with the delectable hint of lemon :) Baking is always the time for you to chill and relax and take a deep breath, isn't it? That does wonders for me too. Hope everything is getting better for you :):)

  8. Oh, this look so tempting, especially the lemon sauce..

  9. I hope to find time to bake this too.

  10. I too have bookmarked this recipe to try, nvr bake with cheddar cheese before...looks delicious!

  11. Hi Alice,
    The Cake looks yummy, I would like to give it a try, but just a little bit confused with the ingredients measure given for Corn flour is it 15 gm ?? i couldn't really predict the measurement as it is the first time to try this cake...
    kindly let me know please.

    1. Hello...Oh dear! How careless I was! Yes, it's gram :)
      Thks for highlighting
      And hope u like this cake as much as I do :)

  12. Hi! I love the look of this cake and it sounds so yummy! I want to attempt this for a gathering next week but I was wondering how big your cake was or how large your cake pan was?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello, i used 18cm round pan. Hope u like it as much asI do :)



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