Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nama Chocolate

Remember in my earlier post I mentioned that I made some nama chocolate, too?
Here it is...

Oh yes, it's far from perfect. Look at how I coated them with cocoa powder.. it's so not smooth! But hey, it tasted just fine! :)

I used the recipe from Just One Cookbook
Please don't despair me by comparing hers and mine LOL

What you need:

400 gram good quality dark chocolate (70% cacao), but you can also use semisweet for less bitter taste (I used Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate)
200 ml fresh cream (I used whipping cream)
liqueur of your choice (I used Baileys mint)
cocoa powder to coat the chocolate
  1. Chop chocolate to smaller pieces so it'll be easier to melt them
  2. Line a square tray (about 8") with baking paper
  3. Heat cream til almost boiling. Off heat
  4. Pour chocolate  in it and stir til well combined. Add in liqueur
  5. Pour into the tray and smooth the surface. Refrigerate til firm
  6. Remove the firm chocolate from the tray and cut using warm knife
  7. (I dipped the knife into warm water and tap dry for each cut I made)
  8. Sprinkle sifted cocoa powder and serve it chilled
I love it, but too bad I couldn't share it with the kids. I shall make another batch liqueur free :)


  1. This look good enough to me. I love choc. Gong xi fa cai to you n family, Alice.

  2. Looks alright to me and I will eat it!

    1. taste wise is great, Phong Hong
      It's the look that disappointing LOL

  3. Looks chocolaty delicious!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  4. Alice yours looks better than mine... mine was totally disfigured ha ha ha

    1. hahaha the one in the pic above is the best shape, Mich
      so can imagine the rest LOL

  5. Alice, this is good as Christmas delights.

    1. yes Yan, but have to look way better than the pic above LOL

  6. Hi Alice,
    I heard a lot of good review on this Nama chocolate .
    To me yours looks great...I will sure eat :)
    Can share some with me? I am over 18..LOL

  7. It will help if you freeze the chocolate, it will not affect the texture. It's bcos of our hot climate hence very difficult to get nice edges if refridgerated.

    1. thks Yen for the tips
      i shall keep that in mind the next time i make this again :)



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