Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I'm not a believer nor follower for this day, but it's nice to at least do something on this day, especially when my kids were so excited about this day. It must have been broadcasted everywhere in their school! :)
And for foodie like me, what else if it's not something to do with baking? LOL Nothing fancy :)

My kids always love eclairs, they always buy store bought, either from bakeries or from frozen section in the supermarkets
It's not cheap, I must say. Those 10 pieces in a box, both of them could finish in one shot. And it's still not enough cos they usually still asked for more LOL
Hence, I baked this eclairs. It's my first eclairs! :)

They were full of praise, and couldnt stop at one. My kids ate at least five pieces each time and for once, they turned down my offer for more eclairs hahahaha...
I never feel good whenever they eat something they like but they have to stop before they have enough cos I run out of it, so it's really something to be able to let them eat til they want no more LOL
Oh, and DH said, this is way better than those sold outside! *grin*

Original recipe is from Hesti from Hesti's Kitchen
Makes about 55 mini eclairs approximately 7cm length

What you need:

Choux pastry:
150g butter
150g plain flour
250ml water
4 large eggs
  1. Cook water, butter and salt til boiling
  2. Add in all flour and stir vigorously til the dough no longer sticks on the pot. Let cool
  3. Add in egg one by one til evenly mixed. Transfer dough into piping bag (I used Wilton 8B). Pipe on the lightly buttered pan
  4. Bake 200degC for approx. 20minutes (do not open the oven door)

Vanilla filling:

600ml fresh milk OR 200g sweet condensed milk mixed with water to reach 600ml
2 egg yolks
30g corn flour and 20g plain flour
enough sugar (only when fresh milk is used)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp butter

  1. Mix all ingredients except butter til smooth and even (if necessary, sift)
  2. Cook til bubbling. Add in butter and stir til glossy

Chocolate filling:

100ml thick cream (I used whipping cream)
200g dark cooking chocolate
50g butter
¾ of the ingredients for vanilla filling

  1. Heat cream til a little smoky. Add in butter and chocolate til melting and thick
  2. Add in the ingredients for vanilla filling and mix well
  3. Lastly, add in the butter from the vanilla filling and stir til glossy
Pipe filling into the cooled choux and decorate the top with chocolate ganache. I made the simple one by heating up 100ml whipping cream with about 5 tbsp light corn syrup and just heat til almost boiling. Add in 100g dark chocolate and stir til smooth and glossy
Keep the eclairs refrigerated

This recipe is a keeper! And considerably easy to make :)

I actually made nama chocolate, too for Valentine's day today. But it's getting dark when I finished up coating them with cocoa powder
Will post tomorrow okie :)


  1. Haha now your kids won't be asking for you to buy some, they'll ask for you to make some! Looks nice =)

  2. Hi Alice, Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!

  3. Aww Alice, your eclairs look nice and you must be over the moon cos your loved ones loved it :)

  4. This is nice, it must be sweet and creamy. A perfect food on Valentine's Day.

  5. This is my husband and kids' favorite dessert! They always get one box of eclairs when they go to Japanese supermarket (because I don't know how to make this...). One day I want to make this... yours look wonderful! Happy Chinese New Year! :)



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