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Orange Lapis Surabaya Cake (Spiku)

Coming to Chinese New Year, the type of cake usually comes into the mind of those celebrating is the Indonesian thousand layers cake (Kue Lapis Legit)
In Singapore, Kue Lapis Legit is so easily spotted in many bakeries during Lunar New Year time
But do you know that there's another type of Indonesian layered cake? It's as famous and in fact is a must too in every household of Indonesian Chinese families during the fifteen days of celebration. It's readily available in most bakeries, too

It's called Lapis Surabaya (Spiku)
Unlike the uncountable thin layers Kue Lapis Legit, Lapis Surabaya has only three layers typically
Those who dislike the fragrant and/or taste of spekkoek which is very distinct in Kue Lapis Legit, Lapis Surabaya would be the better choice
I personally prefer the latter, if I can choose, even though basically I love both :P
Firstly, the procedure to make Lapis Surabaya isn't as tedious. Secondly, I LOVE the taste and texture!

Both cakes are so notorious in the amount of egg yolks used
The good quality of this cake needs great quality of butter, too
Those two ingredients explain how many slices you can take in a day, to maintain your waistline, and most importantly, your cholesterol level!
I restrict myself in making and eating these cakes only during this time of the year, Chinese New Year time :)
Strangely, as much as I love them, the craving hits me only when the time comes, thank God :)

Oh well, it's the time to make one now. The craving is here and it's even more after I saw Nina made one and posted in her blog
I knew I must try it!
So, here it is....

Such a fine cake, I must say
The texture is unbelievably soft and moist. It tasted so delicious, with a hint of orange and chocolate and additional touch of berries jam melted together in every bite. Heaven!

A closer look on the fabulous texture of this cake
It's not the same as those soft cottonny chiffon cakes, it's different, a good different :)

You can see the glossy strawberries jam I used to glue each layer. I used my homemade strawberries jam (recipe is the same as my homemade plum jam, just replace plum with strawberries and adjust the sugar used accordingly)

I don't really favor lapis Surabaya with buttercream filling, hence the choice of this sweet tangy jam
The original recipe used marmalade, but I didn't use that sice I didn't want to make the orange flavour in this cake to be too overpowering

A slice of pure bliss! :)

What you need:
(below is half recipe I made with a slight modification)

Orange layers (makes two):
10 egg yolks (I used medium size)
70g caster sugar
35g plain flour
8g corn flour
8g full cream milk powder
125g butter
1 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice
1/2 tsp orange zest
1 tbsp sweet condensed milk
1/2 tsp orange essence (optional)

Chocolate layer (makes one):
5 egg yolks
50g caster sugar
15g plain flour
10g cocoa powder
65g butter
1/2 tbsp sweet condensed milk
1 tsp chocolate paste

strawberries jam


Grease pan (10x20cm pan for chocolate layer, and 20x20cm pan for orange layer) , line and grease again. Set aside

To make the orange layers:
  1. Beat butter til smooth. Add in orange juice and sweet condensed milk, beat well. Add in orange zest, mix well
  2. Beat egg yolks and caster sugar til tibbon stage
  3. Fold in sieved plain flour, milk powder and corn flour
  4. Pour egg yolk mixture into the butter mixture, gently mix with spatula til well incorporated
  5. Pour into 20x20cm pan, and bake in preheated oven of 180degC for 18 minutes til cooked (when the skewer comes out clean)
Do the same for the chocolate layer using 10x20cm pan

To assembly:

When the cakes are cooled, slice orange cake into half, place one orange layer and spread the top with jam, top with chocolate layer
Spread the top of chocolate layer with jam, top with the other orange layer
Cut and serve

 So irresistable!

I'm submitting this post to:

* Aspiring Bakers #27: Through Thick and Thin – Kue Lapis Classics hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations
* Chinese New year Delights 2013 hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. wow...a cake with 15 egg yolks...must be really rich and delicious!

  2. Wow! This layer cake looks rich with lovely texture! Never try this layer cake before but it looks really inviting! YUMMY! ;)

  3. CNY will store up lots of oranges and this recipe that you have shared come in just in time! Very interesting recipe becoz my knowledge of the Indo food is very limited

  4. So my goodness, this looks so good. I really want to make it too.

  5. It looks good and I am sure it tastes heavenly too. This is a very awesome bake, Alice.

  6. the texture looks very good and so fine! thanks for introducing this kueh lapis to us, this is so much easier to do than the thousand layers cake. I also enjoy eating that a lot:)

  7. hi,,can i half the recipes,,,

    1. yes u can, just divide all ingredients by 2 :)

  8. Hi Alice, very irresistible and lovely cake. Bookmark to try. TQ.

  9. i definitely prefer this surabaya cake because i dont really like the spekkoek taste. bookmarking this too :D

  10. Hi Alice dear!! Mmm delish! I love your orange flavour!!! Thanks for this lovely submission! I gotta agree this cake is MUCH less time consuming than lapis Legit! Lol

  11. Wow, this kueh lapis is so neatly done. Pity I can't have a bite!

  12. Hi Alice
    Looks absolutely delicious. I have heard of lapis surabaya but never tried it before. Thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Hi

    What is the size of the pan?


  14. Can i use round cake Pan for this recipe? And what is the pan size. Thank u

    1. yes u can use round, u can use 8 inch round pan :)

  15. Hi. What is the size of the pan?

  16. Hi Alice can you share the weight of the eggs you are using? Thank you for sharing - saori

  17. Hi Alice
    Can I omit the full cream milk powder?

    1. hi, I haven't tried without the milk powder
      but I assume u may replace with plain flour but I suppose it'll be a little drier

  18. Hi ALice, I have pinned this post to The Most Popular Post of Food Blogs. Do visit my pinboard :

  19. this is what i have been looking for, less eggs yolks used only 15 instead of the original lapis used 30 egg yolks! i want to bake this soon. thank u for sharing dear.

  20. Hi! How do I make chocolate paste? Is it store bought?

  21. Your recipe is no good.
    The cake pic is not from this recipe .
    Please don't decieve people with poor recipes .
    I tried your recipe and the layers were way too thin for the pic you are showing .

    1. This recipe has been tried by many ppl even before I tried it, and you are the first one who gave this kind of review
      Now we know who has the problem here
      Please learn how to read recipe properly first before you try a recipe and follow to the dot unless you r smart enough to tweak a recipe on your first try
      And don't be a coward by hiding your identity!

  22. Hi Alice, thank you for sharing this recipe, I am going to try soon, just wondering, if we can omit the orange flavor, i.e. the orange juice/ zest? The Spikoe that I have tried so far does not usually have orange flavor and I was thinking to make something more similar to that. Do you think this is possible? should I replace the orange juice in the recipe with, say, 1 tbsp of sugar?

    1. Hi Pauline, yes you can omit the orange juice and zest without replacing it with anything :)

  23. Hi, this is my favourite cake. May I ask is it ok to use big eggs like 70-75gm? Will it affect the taste and texture of the cake? If I can use such big eggs, do I still use the same number of eggs? Thanks for your help!

    1. hi sorry for the late reply
      I used 60g eggs. Its not going to affect taste and texture cos you will only need to use the yolks, perhaps just a slightly taller cake :)



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