Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Banana Tarte Tatin (Jamie Oliver)

This is a video from Jamie my kids love to watch, especially Ian
He's fascinated by the name of this dish, he always said, banana tataten LOL
So when I made this, he was so excited
He said, mummy! U made banana tataten from Jamie!
But then, he also said, I don't like... wew...
True enough, he didn't even want to try
He doesn't like banana, that's the thing
He doesn't like fruits in fact, what he wants to eat occasionally only papaya, apple and pear - that's all. Many think banana is kids' fave - nope, not for Ian's case
Total opposite from Abby, she loves fruits - most of them
Any parent with solution to make the kids like fruits more? :)

Anyway, we love this, Abby too, especially cos banana is one of her favorite fruit :)
When it's in the oven, the whole house was filled with lovely banana smell :)
One thing is, it's a tad sweet to us. I should have reduced the sugar in this sweet treat, since the bananas I used were so sweet

Recipe can be found in this video

What you need:
(below recipe has been adjusted for future use)

6 bananas (I used ripe pisang raja)
40g unsalted butter
100g caster sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 orange - take the zest
plain flour for dusting
1 pack of ready to use puff pastry (mine is 375g)
  1. Preheat oven to 190degC
  2. Place wide rectangle baking tray on medium heat, pour sugar, butter, cinnamon and orange zest -> in this order
  3. Stir constantly til completely combined and turn fire to low
  4. Cook for approx 5 minutes while stirring til sugar has all dissolved and the mixture is golden and caramelized. Turn fire off
  5. Peel bananas, halved, lay carefully on top of the golden caramel
  6. Remove from heat
  7. Roll puff pastry til slightly bigger than the tray, lay on the caramel banana, tuck in the edges and bake for 30 minutes
  8. Once out from oven, immediately overturn the pastry
  9. Serve warm

Many love to eat it with vanilla ice cream or creme fraiche, but we love to eat it on its own, it's already just too good! :)

This is my last submission for Cook Like A Star hosted by Zoe

Even Abby's favorite dog - Bobo, also curious about the taste of this snack :)

Please view below - our friends yummy cookings using Jamie's recipes too :)


  1. Yeah Alice!

    So happy this dessert of JO got made by one of us! Good job! Was looking at it a couple of times.

    1. thks Emily :)
      me too, made this finally after watching the video many times :)

  2. Pisang raja is very good than pisang this dessert. here's an award for you Alice.

    1. you're right Angeline
      pisang raja is better, so so sweet and can use to make desserts and bakings
      pisang emas only can eat just like that, but its also sweet :)

  3. Yours looks exactly like the one shown on Jamie Oliver's website... looks really good.

  4. Funny to know that your son loves watching this video. I think he is influenced by you with all these baking and cooking. Who knows? He might be the next JO :D

    Love your son's fav "tataten". Absolutely yum!

    1. hi Zoe, thks :)
      Yes, he loves to watch Jamie's videos, and also Betty Crockers' cake making videos, also there's this you tube uploader called 'cooking with dog' with many collections of Japanese food cooking videos
      I sense a little that he has the interest in the kitchen
      We'll see :)

  5. Looks so good, Alice! I have this recipe in Jamie's cookbook, and wanted to make this last week, but well, so many things to do, that it never happen!

    1. hi Joyce, thks :)
      you still can make this soon :)

  6. Hi Alice,
    Your Ian is so to watch JO video.
    Your banana tart tatin looks so delicious. I like the puff pastry crust...must be very yum!!

    1. hi mui mui, thks :)
      it is indeed really yummy :)
      Ian loves watching cooking and baking videos or tv programs :)

  7. WOw! I love the layers in the pastry and of course the whole tart looks wonderful!

  8. hi Jay, thks :)
    this is really gotta try, i agree :)

  9. This looks so good and delicious. I'm going to make this really soon. I love puffed pastry dessert and I always have bananas at home. Your pictures look so delicious that I have to make my own!



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