Friday, February 17, 2012

Steamed Chocolate & Pandan Brownies

Yum yum yum... that's the only description I can think of when I sank my teeth in this moist brownies :)
And after that, the only think I could think of was to sink my teeth into it again and again LOL

Recipe is from Ricke's site with slight modification

What you need:

6 eggs
200g sugar
1 tsp ovalette
1/2 tsp salt
150g plain flour
20g milk powder
20g corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
100g cooking oil
100g white chocolate, chopped
50ml thick coconut milk + 2 tbsp pandan juice + 1 tsp pandan paste
  1. Heat up steamer and wrap the cover with clean cloth
  2. Grease 20cm round pan, lay baking paper on top and grease again on top of the baking paper
  3. Heat up coconut milk til warm only, off heat, add white chocolate, mix well til chocolate melts and well mixed with coconut milk, add in oil, set aside
  4. Sift all ingredients B together
  5. Beat A on high speed til doubled in volume, thick and pale (ribbon stage). addin B mixture in low speed
  6. Scoop 1/3 of the batter, add in C mixture, mix well and put back to the remaining batter and fold in gently
  7. Scoop half of the batter, mix with enough chocolate emulco
  8. Pour pandan batter into the pan, steam 15minutes, pour in chocolate batter, steam 30minutes (all on medium heat) 
  9. After cooked, immediately take out from the pan, let cool
  10. After cooled, spread the top with chocolate ganache (I used nutella) and sprinkle with grated cheese
Really yummy!!! These are the reasons I can think of why one cannot enjoy this brownies: one doesn't like pandan and/or chocolate, one doesn't like cakes. No other reason - period :)

I'm posting this for Sweets For A Saturday #57


  1. cantiiik browniesnyaaa.. mauuuuuu !! :)

    ngebagi adonannya berarti setelah pengocokan telur yah? hmm.. chocolate emulco itu apa?


  2. Looks like a baked brownie to me. Surpringly steamed brownies from the photo looks great.

  3. hmm .. jadi pengen rasain juga.. kayanya lembut bgt yah. ;)

  4. Mbaaak Alice, kangeeeen!! huadeeeh lihat browniesnya langsung ngeces. Warnanya canteeek, pasti rasanya jg enyak. Thanks udah sharing...

  5. that's a very nice colour contrast here!

  6. halo bunbun....
    ya, ini ngebaginya pas dah kocok telur :)
    chocolate emulco = pasta coklat :)

    Yummy Bakes, yes, this is steamed
    the texture is different from baked one, steamed brownies is softer, and moist, not as rich and fudgy as the baked one :)

    Melly, ini must do, enyak :)

    Hesti, hahaha...enyak enyak nih :) kangen aku ya xixixix.... thks ya :)

    hi Lena, thks :) i love it too :)

  7. This looks so pretty! I must try this one of these days. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. wah love the colors and flavor combi!

  9. This looks so good! Lovely pairing of choc and pandan!

    1. yes, i love chocolate i love pandan and i love eating them together too :) thks Joyce :)

  10. Alice, while waiting for my girl this afternoon. I saw this and was so motivated to do this when I come home. Then the plants and kid took away my time. haiz..... soooooo sedap looking.

    1. hi Edith, thks :)
      hope u can try soon, and hope u like it as much as I do :)

  11. Never know pandan can be pairing with choc, can't wait to try out.

    1. hi Sonia, surprisingly it tastes yummilicious :)
      if u like both :)
      thks for dropping by :)

  12. Interesting, I've not seen chocolate and panda combination before! Looks great!

    1. hi Lin, thks for dropping by and your kind comment :)

  13. This is interesting. Think, I'll omit the topping, plain will be just as good.

    1. hi Cheah, I agree with u, this cake is already great to be eaten plain :)

  14. Replies
    1. hi Jobless Girl, thks for your comment :)

    2. Alice, I have tried this recipe and base of my cake appears to be wet. Can I know how to avoid this problem?

    3. hi Jobless Girl,
      hmm i didnt experience that
      what i can think of is perhaps u used springform pan? some of this kind of pan can allow some liquid into the pan...or is the water used for steaming the cake too close to the bottom of the pan? it might create some condensation when the boiling water splashing up...
      perhaps u can try wrapping half bottom of the pan with alumunium foil...
      hope it helps :)
      btw, besides the wet base, did u enjoy the cake? :)

    4. Hi Alice,

      Thank you so much for your details explanation. My friend and my family enjoyed so much. They like it. For me, I enjoyed so much on the process and the result. Thank you so much and hope can learn more from you. Cheers!

    5. hi! glad that your friend and family loved it :)
      no worries, we learn together, most importantly, good thing must share! :)

  15. Hi Alice! I found your blog as my aunt bought a similar cake back from Indonesia. I am very new to along cakes but would love to give this a shot. Does chocolate emulco taste artificial and can it be substituted with cocoa powder?


    1. hi Dez, u may omit the emulco and no change to the rest of the ingredients
      emulco is just an enhancer in the fragrance of the cake, and a little help in the color too :P

  16. Would it be nice if I omit the pandan juice? Or should I increase the amount of pandan paste?

    1. yes u may omit pandan juice and just use pandan paste. no need to increase the amount of pandan paste unless u like deep green color on the cake, but I personally think the pandan flavour and aroma is too strong :)

  17. I just made this. I have added alot of choc emulco to achieve the same darkness as yours but my green portion is not as dark as yours. Resultant taste of the choc emulco is overpowering and taste a bit bitter.

    1. I guess it's the choco emulco who gave the bitterness in the cake. perhaps depending on the brand of the emulco used. Mine no problem at all



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